Leverage Events To Build Your MLM Business!

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Leverage MLM EventsWhy do MLM companies have events? Because it’s good business. Every event that is held – either LIVE or Online – adds more distributors into the business and helps the company and each individual organization to grow.

People like the excitement created by events and sign-up with much greater ease than any other method. I’ve personally used the live webinar approach myself to build my business BUT I’ve recently learned some new tips on LEVERAGING EVENTS while going through the Master Sponsoring course that Ray Higdon put together.

The fact is, recruiting is the name of the game in MLM. If you are not a proficient recruiter, your checks will always stay small or non-existent. If you’re looking to build a large organization or team of distributors, you must know how to sponsor and “Leveraging Events” is just one powerful strategy.

Here’s how Ray explains it…

Leverage Events To Build Your MLM Business

Most reps, myself included to be honest, will send people to events BEFORE they get signed up in the business saying something like, “My company’s holding a live webinar tonight that I’d like you to attend because it will explain everything about the business so you can make an educated decision for yourself if this business is for you or not.” Even as I’m typing these words I’m realizing how weak that is!

Ray offers this tip in his Master Sponsoring course: Why not use the event as a reason to sponsor the person BEFORE the event takes place? You could say something like this…

“My company is having a live webinar presentation tonight at 9:00. These webinars create a LOT of excitement and we see a LOT of people sign up either during or right after the webinar ends. If you get signed up NOW, some of those people could fall under you and you could earn off of them. The Fast Action Takers really benefit from these webinars.” – Something like that but you get the point!

Of course, the same exact approach can be used leveraging your company’s LIVE EVENTS and Conferences. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

To Become a Master Recruiter…

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