I like to say that I’m a “Lifestyle Reinvention Coach” (a term I made up by the way but it fits!) and THIS is what Lifestyle Reinvention means for me… When my mortgage business (and income!) collapsed on me in 2009 and I needed to find another way to make money, I just assumed that I’d get another JOB like I always had. The idea of starting my own business wasn’t even on my radar until I saw the kind of jobs that were out there (crap, basically :)).

So, I did briefly take a look at franchises. My sister used to like to eat at a fondue restaurant franchise in Connecticut so I checked it out. This is a restaurant chain that almost nobody has ever heard of and they wanted $750,000. Say WHAAAAT?? That’s 7-5-0-0-0-0… And people don’t even eat fondue! I was brought back to reality pretty fast. The only franchises I saw that cost $20,000 or less were things like carpet cleaning and other low income producing businesses.

Funny… I recently went with my family to that fondue restaurant out here in Arizona!

Then I saw the ad that brought me into the home business industry and I WAS HOOKED! I could start a “real” business that wouldn’t cost an insane amount of money and I’d have limited overhead costs because I could work out of my house. AND, I’d have tons of tax deductions! This sounded like exactly what I had been looking for my entire life! Of course I quickly realized that it wasn’t as SIMPLE as the websites would lead you to believe but it wasn’t that difficult either once you learned some skills. So…

Steve_5KRaceI put myself through basically the equivalent of another college education learning about the various business models, commission plans, traffic driving and other advertising and marketing strategies to build my business (because I wasn’t going to try to recruit my friends and family!). I ended up making the Internet Marketer’s Hall of Fame, won a few awards, been a top recruiter in multiple opportunities and had 1 of the top visited network marketing blogs in the world (before Google Panda :() and have helped hundreds of people from around the world get started with their own home businesses.

“Lifestyle Reinvention” simply means To Create The Lifestyle That You Want No Matter What Your Age, Previous Experience Or Current Income Level. To be your own boss and not be dependent on others to control your life journey. AND, to continue to grow. Since 2009 I have learned skills and done things that I had never had any experience with prior (and I was 45 at the time so you really can teach an old dog new tricks :)). I’ve been able to consistently make money from home each month and been able to support myself and my family with my home based direct sales business since 2010.

Now, while still building my overall business and brand, I’m able to share my knowledge and experience to help others to re-invent themselves – no matter what their age or background – as long as they supply the drive and desire!

If this resonates with you and you’re motivated to Create Your Own Lifestyle, take the next step below & watch a business overview presentation of my TOP recommendation (it’s a multi-6 figure opportunity for the right people!)…

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