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3rd Party Unbiased Lightyear Wireless Review – It’s Not a Scam

If you’re reading this Lightyear Wireless Review, you are most likely investigating the business opportunity and trying to decide if you should join or not.

Lightyear Wireless is, as the name implies, a cell phone MLM home business opportunity. Founded by Sherman Henderson and based in Louisville, Kentucky, LYW is a subsidiary of Lightyear Network Solutions which has been in business since 1993.

Since virtually everyone across the globe has a cell phone, and many – myself included – no longer have a “land-line” a wireless MLM makes sense to me. That’s why I wanted to write this Lightyear Wireless Review. I am not a distributor for the company so you can consider this review to be completely unbiased and without any motive other than to provide you with the facts so you can make an educated decision of whether or not you should join.

You’ll need to join at the Gold membership level for $299, which will make you eligible for all the commissions. There’s a less-expensive level but don’t bother with it. You’ll get a back office with your membership that will run you $49.99 per month after your first month.

Your commissions are earned in numerous ways, including fast-start bonuses depending on your rank. You also earn a percentage of the wireless charges of your direct recruits and team…from 1% to 10%. AND, as long as you have 3 people who are active on Lightyear Wireless’ no contract cell plan your plan will be free. You should be able to recruit 3 people so this is a neat feature. FREE CELL SERVICE!

From what I read, I believe that Lightyear Wireless can survive long-term. They are not trying to manufacture product. They are purely “re-sellers” or sales agents of Sprint and Verizon. This type of re-seller business can be very profitable. Time will tell if LYW survives for years to come but just understand that it’s a start-up company and there’s some inherent risk there.

Can You Make Money With Lightyear Wireless?

Of course, like any MLM, to make “real” money you’ll need to build a very large organization. I would realistically look at LTW as a 3-5 year business to build to at least a $10K per month income. Sure, some people will get there much quicker but for most who work the business it will take at least 3 years. This means you’ll need to do “COLD MARKET” recruiting in addition to Warm Market. AND, you’ll need a high-volume lead generation system or you’ll be sunk. Network marketing is a numbers game and without enough “numbers” you’ll have no business. If you don’t already have a high-volume lead generation system for your Lightyear Wireless business…


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