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LinkedIn PPCJust today, I began a LinkedIn PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign and I wanted to write this post to provide you with a marketer’s perspective of my experience and to provide you with some additional details. Their advertising options can be found at LinkedIn Direct Ads (

Now, I will first say that the LinkedIn CPM is $3.00 and the minimum CPC bid is $2.00. That’s a little high for most network marketers so determining if it’s worth it or not is important. And, I had difficulty finding any information on Google that was written by network marketers specifically.

As many of you know, I have been trying in vain to run some Facebook PPC ads. Facebook tells us right in their guidelines that they do not accept any ads relating to home based businesses, network marketing, making money from home, etc.  Yet, I see some savvy marketers advertising these sites so I sent the Facebook ads team an email asking them how this could  be that others can get their ads approved and I cannot. The answer I received back was basically that some ads have slipped through the cracks. Until I can figure out how these network marketers are getting their ads approved (and I will continue to research this), I decided to look elsewhere.

The coupon code that LinkedIn had  sent me for $250 of PPC advertising didn’t hurt my decision to try them out either!

Anyway, the sign-up process, and the process to create and submit your ad for approval is clear and simple.

How You Can Target Your LinkedIn Ads Targeting

You can target your ads demographically with LinkedIn, targeting by industry, profession, age, and geography to drill down your target audience. LinkedIn offers both CPC and CPM  ads. It is recommended to super target your ads to best control your costs. I’m personally targeting real estate and mortgage sales people to invite them to take a look at network marketing. The recommended minimum CPC bid for me was $4.94 but I went initially with the minimum $2.00 bid to see if I can get any activity.

I do not know if it’s worth it yet, but will post updates to let you know. If any of you have any experience with LinkedIn PPC, please let me know.

UPDATE: You Can Watch My Video With My Initial LinkedIn PPC Campaign Results Here

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  • Thanks for sharing, Alice. I have not re-visited advertising on LinkedIn for a couple of years now. It’s good to hear it works! Have they lowered their pricing?


  • Mike

    Hi Steve,
    Interesting write up (even if I’m a year late!). Just thought it would be worth dropping a note here as I’ve had a very different experience with LinkedIn advertising than yourself (and most other people commenting here).
    I work in a very focused niche electronics company, where our target customers are fairly easy to identify. I have been running a VERY targeted campaign for a little while now with great results. Because the campaign is so targeted we ensure that the click traffic is extremely high quality, in fairly low numbers. This means that we do not pay through the nose (only achieving an average 20 clicks/month), but do see conversions on the back of it.
    I’ve done a small write up on my own blog that you may like to check out:

    Thanks! Mike

  • I agree, Faisal, that LinkedIn PPC is just too expensive for network marketing.

    I’ve used Yahoo/Bing for PPC with success. Similar cost and results to Google but not nearly the traffic.

  • Hello

    I have been involve in PPC using Goolge Since last 5 years. I have used facebook and LinkedIn. In my openion LinkedIn has been totally waste of time.

    Today August 24 2011 I have put an Ad on Linked and limited to $25 with $3.15 min since I have no choice. What a waste of money. 9 click costed me $24.57. NO SALES.

    I have used Facebook on the same budget $25 and I was able to get 345 clicks and 295 of them become FAN of my website. FaceBook Page was advertise

    I rent $750 click on Google for August 1 to 15 – both Search Engine and Content Network with the same landing page as LinkedIn. Resulted in $8000 Sales (Aprox 450 clicks) 2 click turned out to be sale (each $4495 USD).

    I have learn that it is better to use relationship building in LinkedIn to turn sales.

    For Content Network Advertisment I found FaceBook to be better to Google Network. But to find the customer who are actively looking for your service, I found Google is still the KING.

    I have never used Yahoo/Bing any suggestion on these two?

  • I use Bing/Yahoo and they are very easy to deal with (ie. they approve virtually everything right now) and the cost is fair. I recommend it over LinkedIn for sure!

  • I agree with you. I took a trial offer from LinkedIn and the cost to get any exposure is high. I do not think I will continue with their ppc. I am considering testing Yahoo. I have read they are very flexible and if everyone is focusing on adwords there may be a drop in competition.

  • The problem, Aubrey, is that LinkedIn’s direct ads have a pretty high minimum CPC. I think they may be changing that but until then I’m advertising elsewhere. I still generate leads from LinkedIn through relationship building but I’m not an advertiser.

  • Maybe those MLM’ers Started their campaign off at a high ppc value to “slip through” the cracks and after it was approved dropped the ppc value down to something reasonable?

  • Jonathan Rackowe

    An update on my experience with LinkedIn: On 27 Jan 2011 the company took yet another $48 using my credit card! The paltry 76 click-throughs to my website from end of December to 24 January have cost me almost $300. Money down the drain!

    LinkedIn refuse to accept that the promotion was unclear about charging or that their Beat software messed up the max CPC bid, and they continue to quote the user agreement with regard to charging the credit card without any notifications. They point blank refuse to refund any of the charges. Naturally I have asked for my credit card to be removed from their system and you can be sure I will stick to Google Adwords and/or Yahoo if I do any more CPC advertising. Don’t fall for the marketing hype – save your money and avoid LinkedIn Ads like the plague.

  • Jonathan Rackowe

    Just before Christmas I got a $100 promotional coupon emailed to me by LinkedIn to try DirectAds. I had to register my credit card with them for a $5 initial charge to open the account. I set a $2 CPC (the minimum) and set it running. A few weeks later I checked to see how the ad was doing and found that around $250 had been taken from my credit card (in four separate transactions) as the $100 coupon amount had been used in just a few days! I had received no notification from LinkedIn of any of these charges to my credit card. I checked the settings and my CPC was now set at $4.18! The average CPC for the period was over $3.

    I have disputed this with LinkedIn and so far they just say that the user agreement says they can charge the registered credit card for any amount (!) at any time (!) and they claim the CPC cannot have changed and must have been set at $4.18 initially. I never had any trouble like this with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Beware – I recommend avoiding LinkedIn DirectAds.

  • I haven’t revisited Linkedin PPC in some time. I’m not sure what the issue was because the landing page was converting for me elsewhere. Maybe need to tailor it for the Linkedin audience. Or, just better target my ads. It’s pricey to advertise on LinkedIn for sure. Hope they lower their minimum CPC!

  • Steve, you said
    “I didn’t see any results after spending $117, and had a CPC of $2.56. I need to re-write my ads and take another look at my audience..”

    You must have had around 45 clicks to spend $117. If you are trying to get more clicks, it will obviously cost more money. But why are you revising the ad? If you had no conversions, you need to look at your landing page. Or am I missing something?

  • chad

    Has anyone had any luck with this. I started a campaign last night and put the min 2.00 cpc. Is there anyway to get the cpc lower?

  • Kirk

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on LinkedIn ads, Liam, where did you get the $100 coupon? I found one online and curious if the same ~> h53F qsJq ohcp 2Mm1 <~ what say you? 🙂
    Kirk @EASTeam

  • I’ve just started using LinkedIn Advertising today with a $100 coupon, I’m going to track leads that come in from LinkedIn through Analytics and see if it was worth while or not.

  • Hi Amanda,

    I didn’t see any results after spending $117, and had a CPC of $2.56. I need to re-write my ads and take another look at my audience – I was targeting realtors, mortgage sales, and insurance agents. I’ll get them back online this week!


  • Hi Haitham,

    I hope that all is well! It did not go great for me initially and I’ve put my campaigns on hold. My cost per click was around $2.50 with only a few leads. I am definitely going to re-visit this strategy though because I don’t think there’s a tremendous amount of competition.


  • Haitham

    I would be interested to hear how linkedin ads turned out for you.
    The results I have seen so far is not as encouraging as Google ppc.

    May be one reason is the ad placements, some of them are at the bottom of the page where no one can ever notice them.

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