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LinkedIn PPC

Does LinkedIn PPC work?

The honest answer is that I’m not sure yet! I am not hopeful but I have not given up yet. I had written an article on LinkedIn Pay Per Click that you can read. I was wondering if advertising on LinkedIn was worth it and I tested it out (I still am testing). So…I recorded a quick video to show you my results to date. A couple of things that you need to know first about advertising on LinkedIn…

1. It is NOT cheap. I’m running at about $2.50 Cost Per Click.
2. The advertising, similar to Facebook PPC, is more like “content network” marketing, if you’re familiar with search engine PPC. My CTR is horrendous and I may tweak it but I’m not in any hurry to do so.

You can watch the video update here:


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  • I’m with you, Tim. It’s just too expensive for what I advertise. It was worth testing out but until they make changes to their pricing I’m advertising elsewhere.

  • LinkedIn only seems to be worth it when you can afford to pay more than, say, 25 bucks for a lead or a sale. I tried it and was astonished at how badly it ran. LinkedIn is a truly ugly website with a pretty poor user interface (compared to competitors like Xing) which means users probably just blend out the ads. We were targetting marketing professionals too, who may not be that easy to advertise to. If it weren’t so laughably expensive I would experiment with it more, but I will be leaving it for now.

  • I would like to know if their targeting really works or not. If it cannot control the daily budget limit how we can expect the system to exactly target the demography. Please let me know if anybody has experience with LinkedIn ads. Thanks.

  • I agree that it’s worth a shot. It’s pretty much an untapped source – at least as far as my niche is concerned – but a bit too expensive. I don’t know why they don’t lower their minimum? They’d get more advertisers I’m sure.

  • I just created my LinkedIn account maybe 20 minutes ago and stumbled upon their advertising page. As soon as I saw the $2.00 minimum I laughed.

    The only way I can see this as being profitable is if you’re in a niche where just 1 sign up or sale will get you extreme profits. With my company/site I make anywhere from $10 – $227 per customer.

    Normally with online sales you can say that 1 in 100 will buy. So if I were to spend enough money to get 100 clicks that would mean I’m already down $200. I would have to pray to god in order to get that 1 person to buy the $227 package. If I were to profit $27 from the 1 customer I’d be happy because they will most likely turn into a returning customer. But that just doesn’t happen all the time lol.

    As for as I can see just from looking at their set up. If you have a site or company that sells items for under $200 then good luck to you with LinkedIn ads. But then again I could be wrong 🙂

    I do plan on testing them out even though I’m pretty sure I’ll lose money lol. But the worst thing that could happen is I’m out of a little bit of money and I stop advertising on linkedin.

    Thanks for the 2 posts Steve 🙂

  • Hey Eric,

    I actually haven’t used LinkedIn PPC for some time. It’s too expensive imo. I did participate in a survey a few months back and let them know my thoughts. As far as I know, they haven’t taken any action to date.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Ed. My impression exactly. Too expensive. Although, I participated in a marketing survey for LinkedIn Ads and I got the impression that they may be looking to address the cost issue. We’ll see!

  • Ed Andriessen

    Thanks for the review and video Steve.

    I received a coupon from LinkedIn ads and thought I would give it a try.

    I’ve run a number of Adwords and other PPC campaigns and I must say LinkedIn ads was a big disappointment (in comparison to other methods).

    This is certainly not a long term, detailed experiment, but who has a lot of money to “experiment” with today?

    Results –
    Several ads ran for seven days
    Clicks – 14
    Impressions – 58,069
    CTR – .024
    CPC – $4.45
    Total cost – $62.23

    Overall impression – In comparison to other methods: too expensive. Also, the reporting was very basic and watch the daily budget, LinkedIn ignored the daily budget on several occasions.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I actually have not. Been planning to but been doing other advertising. I will be going back, since I have more $$ still at LinkedIn! Let me know how you make out.

  • Just found your Video. Very interested in seeing your results.

    Looks like its been 4 months since you started testing, have you made a new video?

    I just started a LinkedIn Ad Campaign would love any suggestions/advice.


  • Chuck Locascio

    Thanks for this great video update! It’s very helpful to see someone’s actual experience with LinkedIn ads. I’ll watch for your next update and plan to look for you in Twitter.

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