Millionaire Marketing Machine Review – Should You Join?

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millionaire-marketing-machine-reviewPeople always ask me “What’s The Deal With The Millionaire Marketing Machine?” What is it…Could I Make Money With It…How Do You Make Money With It…Is It Cash Gifting…etc? For this reason, I thought I’d lay it out on the line and let you know exactly what the complete deal is with this Millionaire Marketing Machine review.

First of all, I need to let you know that I joined the Millionaire Marketing Machine back in July 2012 and have made $51,000 to date. That may sound awesome to some of you and not that exciting to others but that’s an average of $7300 per month working a few hours a day. Not too shabby in my opinion. Tell me an MLM where you can realistically make that kind of money right out of the box!


What Millionaire Marketing Machine Is Not
The Millionaire Marketing Machine is NOT an MLM, Network Marketing or Cash Gifting Program. It’s also not some program with some crazy compensation plan that’s virtually impossible to understand or some program where you need to build a downline of 20,000 people. It’s simply an association of like-minded entrepreneurs (it’s not technically a company) who offer others the opportunity to make money from home. Our products are personal growth related audios and videos that will help ANYONE to stay motivated in their lives to reach their goals. The digital library is actually very good. I think there are over 120 hours worth of product in the back office and they are constantly upgrading the product library.

How Do You Make Money?
When you bring someone into the business you make 100% profit immediately since the people you recruit pay you directly. You don’t have to wait on the company to cut your check and you don’t have to worry about getting a small check because nobody on you team is doing any work like you do in traditional MLM. I think this is the biggest advantage of “Top Tier” businesses is that you are truly paid what you are worth. 75% of the income that you earn will be made right away at point of sale and will be earned purely from your efforts. About 25% of your income will be passive from the work of your team.

The compensation plan is a SIMPLE 1-Up, meaning that your first sale is passed up to your sponsor to “QUALIFY” you to earn commissions. The way that you earn passive income is when people you’ve brought into the MMM business pass-up their first sale to you. So, it sucks that you have to pass up your first sale but it comes back 10 fold when your team passes up sales to you. It’s what makes the 1-up so lucrative and is why it’s been the preferred compensation plan for top tier businesses forever.

How Much Does Millionaire Marketing Machine Cost?
This is probably the reason why many do not get involved in Top Tier and it really should be the exactly opposite. People should be lined up waiting to join. The reason is that MMM, or any top tier business that pays out commissions on the front-end (rather than on the back end like MLM) is that it typically costs more to join initially than traditional MLM. For example, Millionaire Marketing Machine has levels from $500 – $20,000 to get started. BUT, there’s no ongoing monthly autoship so you pay once and you’re in for life. This makes the cost, depending on the level you come in at, either less expensive or MUCH less expensive than traditional MLM.

Our most common levels to get started at are $500 (usually newbies or young people) and $3500 (serious entrepreneurs looking to make a LOT of money fast). To put this in perspective, I used to make a 6 figure income in the mortgage business and my average commission was around $2,000. It adds up fast when you follow our advertising and marketing blueprint.

Millionaire Marketing Machine Review Summary

This business is definitely NOT for everyone. Some people would prefer to hold out hope for the elusive “residual income” promised by the Multi-Level Marketing industry. If you enjoy team building and are a very good recruiter, MLM can reward you nicely over time. If you’re someone who would like to start living a LAPTOP LIFESTYLE within your first 30 days of getting started and you can implement our recommended SIMPLE marketing strategies, then taking a serious look at MMM should be at the top of your list!


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