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As you are probably aware by now, I am an active member and network marketer with MLM Lead System Pro. The absolute best step-by-step marketing system ever created. Anyway…

There are numerous webinars that we, as members, have access to in our back-office. All webinars are recorded in case we can’t make the live event. Jeffrey Combs held the MLSP webinar on the night before Thanksgiving and I was unable to attend. I just listened to it today. I AM PUMPED!

Jeffrey Combs is one of the few million dollar earners in the network marketing and direct sales industry. He primarily makes his money now as a motivational speaker. He’s good at it! He tells quite a story about overcoming obstacles such as  alcoholism, $100k in debt, homelessness and business failure. But he always had the Millionaire Mindset. A passion to become a millionaire.

He tells you that to become a millionaire…you need to have a “Millionaire Mindset“. And a “Millionaire Habit”  And a  “Millionaire Attitude”. It’s all about controlling your mind. As Network Marketers, we are all entrepreneurs. We need to motivate ourselves to succeed because nobody else is going to do it for us. Our Mindset helps dictate our success.

Mr. Combs goes on to say that it doesn’t matter where you are today, what matters is that you create a 90 day plan for success and give yourself 2-5 years to reach your goals. Impatience destroys most entrepreneurs.

If you would like to listen to the webinar in it’s entirety, please enter your information on the right side of my blog and pay the $1 to test drive MLSP. You’ll have complete access to the system, including all of the training and webinars. Invest $1 in your future and plan to become the millionaire you know you can!

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One thought on “Millionaire Mindset with Jeffery Combs

  1. Hey Steve….GREAT article on Jeff Combs. He really is amazing. I had the privilege of meeting him personally several years ago at a convention that I attended. He certainly is a guy that “walks his talk”.

    I listened to his Millionaire Mindset Training the other was POWERFUL. It really is all about Mindset..Habits and Attitude.

    Keep up the great work you have going on with this blog !!

    Best regards…Rose Mis

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