MLM Business Tip – “Off-Line” Recruiting With MeetUp.Com

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meetupThose of you who know me know that 99.9% of the time I market my business online. It’s just not in my nature to approach my “warm” market and I’m not a great off-line networker. BUT I’m learning. I understand that network marketing is a people business and we all should be implementing some off-line strategies in addition to our online efforts. So, my MLM Business Tip for today is MeetUp.Com.

I was on a webinar a few weeks ago that introduced me to What appeals to me about this site is that much of the marketing and list building can be done online with a goal of building a list of like-minded people who you can meet with in person. A powerful combination!

I have searched my local area for MeetUP groups that are in the network marketing/mlm niche and have struck out so I am going to start my own group. Starting your own group is recommended anyway for a few reasons. #1 you position yourself as the leader and #2 you control your agenda. Now, I don’t think you want to view creating a group as a spamfest BUT rather a networking group similar to BNI but more targeted.

If you haven’t already heard about (like I hadn’t!), go check it out. I think it’s a great compliment to everything we do online.

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