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pop-up-dominationI wanted to talk to you today about a really simple way increase your MLM Lead Generation from your website traffic AND I’ll also share with you a revelation that I just discovered yesterday!

A Really Simple Way To Generate MLM Leads

Let’s face it, MLM’ers are a curious lot. We’re always looking for new ways to generate leads and make money. I want to share today how you can really SKYROCKET the leads you generate from your blog or website, as you can tell by the title of this article post, by using a simple Pop-Up on your website. I had stayed away from using a pop-up on my blog until about a year ago because I was afraid of annoying my visitors. As soon as I installed the plug-in (I personally use PopUp Domination, you can read my review HERE), I immediately saw an increase in my daily MLM Lead Generation or opt-ins. A pretty substantial jump in fact. This plug-in alone has been averaging me about 8 leads a day. Not bad, right?

I agree and I was psyched! The plug-in allows you to set the delay to whatever you want. What this means is you can set the time delay from when a visitor first lands on your website to when the pop-up “pops up”. I had this set to 10 seconds based on research I had done. Some people have their pop-up appear immediately but I find this to be obnoxious so I haven’t tested that nor do I plan to. BUT…

Here’s My Revelation…

Yesterday, for some reason, I decided to lower my delay from 10 seconds to 5 seconds and saw my optins jump by 75%! I went from 8 leads to 14 from my pop-up! I guess you should always test and tweak 🙂 I’ll continue to monitor this to make sure that it’s not an anomaly but I have a strong feeling it’s not. I’m on pace for the same results already today.

If you market with a blog and spend the time to drive traffic, make sure you’re capturing your share of leads. Ultimately, the reason we do this is to make money and leads are the first step in that process! If you don’t use a pop-up, get one AND set the delay to 5 seconds. You’ll see an amazing JUMP in your daily MLM leadflow I guarantee it!

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