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MLM TrainingI learned early on that you need to seek out training in this industry. It’s not that there’s not a tremendous amount of network marketing and internet marketing training available on the internet because there is A LOT! But you need to seek out the best and then actually go through the training yourself if you’re serious about your business and making money in this industry. The thing is, the majority of the people who you recruit will need to receive training and will look to YOU as their sponsor for guidance.

One of the best ways that I’ve found to help new team members to get off to a fast start is by creating my own  team site. Creating your own team site serves a few different purposes:

1. It can be the difference between someone joining you or joining another sponsor. When people sponsor shop, they want to know that they’ll be provided with training, direction and everything else they will need to succeed with their new business.

2. It can and should help with duplication. Especially for newbies and network marketers who haven’t yet experienced much success in the industry, providing a mapped out strategy for success with tools and trainings will help more people succeed in their business.

3. It can help to brand you as a leader. As you know, I’m a big believer in attraction marketing and MLM leadership and a simple team site is another way you can build YOUR brand and help in your own personal recruiting.

To create an effective team site, I believe you should include the following:

  • Your contact information
  • Some motivational “words of encouragement”
  • Some trainings of marketing strategies that work – they can be yours if you have any or any trainings that your company or upline provides. I’ve found that by having everything in one place for your downline really helps rather than having trainings in various emails.
  • Any important team or company phone numbers, webinar information, etc. People must stay connected with their business and participate and it’s important for YOU to make it easy for your team to do this.

Here’s a sample of a Team Site that I’ve created – on WordPress. There are many people who may take a slightly different approach but they accomplish the same thing…to help your team succeed and by doing so you will succeed! Take the time to create your own team site, build your MLM leadership, and watch your income and business grow!

Mlm Leadership

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