How To Make Your Links Clickable On Slideshare

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If you’ve been through my content ranking training, you know that I really like Slideshare as an authority site that ranks extremely well in Google. Driving free search engine traffic is a great way to generate leads for your business BUT you have to rank on the 1st Page if you expect to generate any decent results. Posting your content on is one way to do this. BUT…

They changed things up a little this year and links that used to be clickable in the body of your articles/content are no longer clickable. If you know anything about people’s search habits online, actions need to easy to do and be quick. If someone has to type in your domain in your article rather than just being able to click a link, there’s much less of a chance that they’ll ever see your website.

Well, I just figured out how you can get at least your link to be clickable on Slideshare again. Not all links, maybe, but your primary can be if you just do this one easy thing…make your article at least 4 pages long. See what I mean…

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Steve Hawk is a Direct Sales Pro, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Reinvention Coach. He has created numerous marketing courses, been publicly recognized for his marketing and recruiting skills, and coached 100s of people from around the world. Top Tier Marketing Pro is a new project that offers a solution for anyone to break free from the typical biz op struggles and start making a full-time income quickly. Visit to get all the details.
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2 Responses to How To Make Your Links Clickable On Slideshare

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Lynne,

    The levels, including the Elite Level, are explained in detail here:

  2. Lynne says:

    Why is this not taxable? Where are the levels explained? How is the elite level different and what is its cost?

    Thank you,

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