Building Your Primary Business Online Using a High Converting Sales Funnel

Why build your primary MLM or network marketing business using a funded proposal or sales funnel? The simple answer is that most people, at least at first, have no desire to join YOU or YOUR BUSINESS because they don’t know you, like you, or trust you. What have you ever done for them?

The idea of “leading” by marketing a low cost HIGH CONVERTING offer is three-fold:

1. To generate targeted leads (ie. people interested in making money) and build your list
2. To make some FAST income so you can spend more money on advertising
3. To build a relationship with the people who sign up for programs in your sales funnel so you can ultimately recruit them into your primary business and they’ll be WILLING participants!

It can be a tough concept to wrap your mind around. Why should you market something else when your only goal is to build your primary business. Most people are never able to understand this concept which is one of the reasons many people are not successful marketing online. Sorry folks but that’s the truth!

Think about this…are you more apt to join a “program” or purchase a product from someone you don’t know if it only costs $50 or less OR if it costs $500 or more? Of course the answer is the lower cost item. That’s one of the main reasons to lead with a low-cost offer rather than your primary business. Then, once the “prospect” or “lead” is in your autoresponder you can follow up with them and build a relationship with them.

This industry still is a “people business”, even though it’s difficult to understand that sometimes. Most people who I sign up into a business with a cost of over $200 will want to speak with me first. I can sell $50 products or programs all day long without ever having to talk to someone. Why? Because their perceived risk is very low ($50 vs. $200).

I’ve always had my most success in this industry by marketing a FRONT-END PROGRAM. Something that helps me to build my list and make me some quick income. The majority of people who I’ve brought into a primary business have come from my list and not just straight off the internet.

It’s for this reason that I highly recommend you get involved in the EZ Money Method system, if you don’t already have an effective and high converting sales funnel. This sales funnel program has everything you need in an effective sales funnel:

  • High Converting Lead Capture Page
  • High Converting Landing Page
  • Upfront Income Program
  • Residual Income Program in which you get your own blog
  • Your Own Autoresponder (essential if you’re marketing online)

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what each of the above points means. Just understand that you’ll receive EVERYTHING that you need to market and make money online, including STEP-BY-STEP instructions and training. PLUS, you’ll start building your primary business FASTER than ever before!

If you’re marketing online and not experiencing the success you were hoping for, partner with me in EZMM and I’ll personally coach you until you do! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR EZMM SALES FUNNEL MARKETING SYSTEM

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Steve Hawk is a Direct Sales Pro, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Reinvention Coach. He has created numerous marketing courses, been publicly recognized for his marketing and recruiting skills, and coached 1000s of people from around the world. Steve offers solutions for anyone looking to break free and Create Their Own Lifestyle starting today!
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2 Responses to Building Your Primary Business Online Using a High Converting Sales Funnel

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    It’s a relationship business for sure, Miguel! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment…I really appreciate it!

  2. Great article! It is very important to know that that we have to build a relationship. It is not very nice to receive a lot of offers to by from people you don’t even know.

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