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MLM Training – FB Attraction Marketing Strategies

Facebook is the 2nd most traffic’d site on the internet behind Google and for good reason. It’s a social media site that allows you to connect with your friends, re-connect with long lost friends, and stay in touch with your family. A brilliant site really. And, with all the traffic comes tremendous opportunity for marketers. What I’m going to discuss in today’s MLM Training is not Facebook Pay Per Click but just how to communicate effectively with other marketers and make connections that could pay off for you in your business and bank account ultimately.

Many times when you join a business opportunity, one of the recommended strategies that the company gives you for building your business is to “just share the opportunity” with your friends on Facebook. While that can work, what I see is most people, mostly newer marketers, basically “puking” their opportunity all over the place. What does this mean? People just post their link NUMEROUS TIMES PER DAY and that just doesn’t work. All it does is annoy your friends.

First of all, you have to know that it’s only your friends who are seeing your activity. I see some marketers with only 50 friends posting their link 5 times per day! How does that make you look professional? Hint: it doesn’t.

So you need to build up your facebook friends with other network marketers because let’s face it, your Aunt Sally probably isn’t interested in the greatest compensation plan ever created in the history of MLM! MLM Training Tip: The BEST target market for you is people already involved with network marketing. You do this by connecting with other like-minded networkers – most will accept your friend request because it helps to build their friends list as well.

How Do You Generated Leads On Facebook?

Network marketing is all about “networking”. Even if we’re marketing online, we’re still in a people business and the more people we can build relationships with, the more success we’ll ultimately see. One of the best ways I know to build a relationship is more of a passive approach. You don’t have to spend much time on FB before you’ll receive an unsolicited message from someone asking you to take a look at their business opportunity. Below is a realistic FB Message Conversation that WILL help you to generate leads (especially if you’re an MLSP member or have another similar type value-based program you’re involved with):

Prospect: Hey Steve. Not sure if you’ve heard yet but we’ve just launched and everybody’s making money already. This is really unbelievable! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Me: That looks great and I wish you all the best. Besides Facebook, what other marketing strategies are you using to generate leads?

Prospect: I just got started. Really, all I’m doing is Facebook. What else should I do?

Me: Facebook is a start but I’d really recommend learning a few other strategies to help you generate more leads than FB can for you. For training and lead generation, I recommend My Lead System Pro. Let me know if you’d like to check it out. (I never send my link without permission).

I don’t know how many sign-ups I’ve gotten using this approach but it’s A LOT! Most marketers are new and don’t have any idea what they are doing. If you can offer them training and value, your credibility will increase dramatically and they’ll be more apt to join you in YOUR business when they know, like and trust you!

I hope this video-less MLM training was helpful for you and maybe give you some thoughts on how you can start to generate some leads for free with Facebook.

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8 thoughts on “Free MLM Training: Attraction Marketing On Facebook

  1. Hi Munish – I don’t use FB as a primary marketing strategy but I’ve found that I’ve built some really good relationships and sign-ups with FB. I recommend using a value-based strategy. MLSP works great as a plug-n-play value system. I honestly haven’t built up my fan page much. Most of my relationships have been through my regular page. Many are also having success with Facebook PPC, but that’s not something I’ve tackled yet.

  2. Everyone is talking about facebook. I have also been using it for prospecting but for the last few months all i was able to do was to increase the fan base but it gets difficult engaging all of them. Hardly 1 or 2 respond back out of the 1000 i have on my page. Looks like I am not doing something right…any advise?

  3. Hi Lee,

    That’s crazy that she was in MLSP and still spamming! Not everyone goes through the training you are right!

    Facebook is not a major strategy for me. I get the majority of my traffic from the search engines using article marketing. Also do solo ads, PPC, the occasional Voice Broadcast, and I’m always testing out new strategies to see what works and what doesn’t.

    What’s your primary strategy Lee?


  4. Steve, I like that quick counter hook you use there by saying “that’s great I wish you all the best. Besides Facebook what other marketing methods are you using.” It puts you in that “expert” position and people do start seeking for you. I used that same method and the lady I used it on was already in MLSP. I guess she didn’t go through the

    Nonetheless, great post!

    Lee´s last blog post ..A 3rd Party Review Of ECosway USA- Is This Company Legit?

  5. I love it Steve! I talk to a lot of people on FB and recruited a lot, but I’ve always ignored the spammers… now you’ve given me a super-easy way to get them too. Wish I’d have thought of that first. Thanks a million!

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