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Postcard MarketingIn this MLM Training post, I’m going to talk about an “oldschool” home business marketing strategy. Those of you who have been in the industry, particularly the top tier side of the industry, have probably used this strategy successfully over the years.

That strategy is Postcard Marketing. But the question is “Does Postcard Marketing Still Work?”. It does if you do it right and it works really well!

Think about this… how many postcards do you receive for home based businesses? Probably not many. I have honestly received less than 5 since getting into this business back in 2009. The scarcity of people who are actually using this strategy is one of the BIGGEST reasons that it works.

Probably the reason that most people do not use a postcard marketing strategy is that they are in low-ticket programs and the cost for postage is cost-prohibitive ($0.34 per by the way). You want to be able to at least re-coup your ad expenses or it doesn’t make sense to do. That’s why most people, other than the big-hitters, use less expensive strategies for low-ticket businesses (the top producers will spend a fortune on advertising which is why they are so successful but that’s a story for another day).

I learned how to do effective Postcard Marketing from Rod Stinson, a known leader in the top tier industry. In fact, if you “LIKE” my fan page on the right side of my blog and then leave me a comment on the fanpage, I’ll send you a link to the entire Postcard Manual! Rod’s Postcard Manual is terrific. I just followed what he said and get a 5-7% response every time I mail which is unheard of in direct mail. The postcard above is the exact postcard I mail to get those results.

Where you get your leads is also important. I’ve purchased from both DAJ Direct and Wolf Enterprises. I’m mailing to a Wolf Enterprises list right now and having a great response. The list was only $95 for 1000 leads which is the cheapest I’ve seen. Of course, you usually get what you pay for so I’ll be monitoring my conversion rate as the campaign progresses.

My Postcard Marketing Strategy

I designed and purchased my postcards from Vista Print. I paid $132 for 5000 postcards. You’ll pay more if you have them professionally designed or use a postcard marketing company. I by my lists and put the labels and stamps on myself. The 888# (it’s very important to have a phone number on postcards because we’re targeting people who may not be real internet savvy) was purchased from Kall8. Since I already have the postcards, I’m now forwarding that 888# to an 800# that I purchased through my biz opp. When I run out of this batch of postcards, I’ll change the number and save myself a few bucks with Kall8.

I’ve just started doing something a bit different with my toll-free number because I’ve committed myself to using the phone and speaking with more prospects in 2013. I had been using a personal recording on the 888# on the postcard and referring people direct to my lead capture page. Just last week I’ve changed that up. Now I send people to a professionally recorded 5 minute sizzle message that asks them to leave their name and phone number at the end if they want more information.

Since the 800 service sends an email letting me know how many have called the number, even if they don’t leave their information, I know that almost everyone who calls is listening to the message and then leaving their information. It’s been a very small sample size to date but it is looking like a very positive “tweak” I’ve made.

MLM Training: Postcard Marketing Summary

If you are building a business or selling an affiliate product that will produce at least $300 per sale, I’d recommend that you give postcard marketing a try. You eliminate the majority of your marketing competition and you’ll sign up people that you would not have otherwise. I also think that the people who are receptive to postcards have more money to spend on a business, which is why it works very well for marketing a Top Tier business.

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