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MLM Training: Some Keys To Creating High Converting Lead Capture Pages

I’m currently going through some capture page testing for a new business opportunity I’m building and have been testing capture pages that I can roll out to the team so I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you what I already knew about creating effective lead capture pages as well as my recent experience. It’s not always what you think!

Some MLM tips for creating high converting capture pages that I’ve already learned from some of the masters are as follows:

1. Simple Works Best
2. Red is a high converting text color
3. Video vs. No Video really depends. There’s no hard and fast rule

Now, if you don’t know, a lead capture page is really the first step in your marketing funnel. Ultimately you want to make sales and get sign-ups but FIRST you need to generate leads. A good lead capture page will give just enough information to entice someone to enter their name and email address (and maybe phone number) into the opt-in form on your capture page looking for more information.

The “capture pages” that some business opportunities give their affiliates with the name of the business right on the capture page DO NOT WORK AT ALL! You need to keep your capture page generic or people can just Google the information they’re looking for without providing you with their contact information. This is referred to as a FAIL!

So, again, simple works best. I’ve always been told that RED is the highest converting color – specifically #cc0000 (html code)). I find that using Red and Black typically produces the best results, although a little blue and a cool image can also help.

You want to stay away from using graphic intensive capture pages. While they may look really cool, they don’t usually convert very well. You also need to “test” your results. Sometimes a word change, font change or graphic change can make all the difference in the world. I was testing 1 capture page that I thought would pull really well and it bombed. I used the same capture page minus 1 picture (The “Attention” image) and it upped the conversion rate 4X!









To summarize this MLM Training, you just want to go with the basics and then TEST! Your results may surprise you!

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