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mlm lead gererationLast night I was on a tremendous Facebook marketing training webinar with Michelle Pescosolido who I got to know a little bit when I was on the My Lead System Pro MMT Leadership Team. She has built a very successful multi-six figure business primarily by marketing on Facebook. I’m sure that she didn’t reveal all of her secrets to us last night on the Pure Leverage training webinar BUT she did share some golden nuggets that I wanted to lay out for you today.

First, let me say that marketing is absolutely the key to success in network marketing. The word “marketing” is even in the name of the business model. Yet, it’s something that most people do NOT focus on. They focus on joining the programs and forget to focus on what’s really important. That is hopefully what this MLM Training blog post will address.

Second, Michelle’s Facebook training does not teach you to spam your FB Wall with your affiliate link so that all your friends will hate you! It was a business training for people who are serious about building their business and looking for another marketing strategy they can put into practice.

I took pretty good notes but you may need to do a little research on your own. By the way, if you sign up with Pure Leverage (CLICK HERE you’ll have access to these live training events so you won’t have to read my boring posts anymore 🙂

My Notes From Michelle’s MLM Training Tips On Facebook Marketing

1. Create a Fanpage – this allows you to market your business freely on Facebook

2. Post “status updates” 3-5 times per day. It’s important to provide VALUE to your fans so they’ll read your posts. Don’t just post your link 3×5 times per day! Well thought out posts sharing “value” is key.

3. The first “AD” you should place is to “Get Likes” to build your Fanpage following. The best strategy when doing this is to target other well-known fanpages in our niche (internet marketing, network marketing). When you do a post on your fanpage, you see this image in your right sidebar to help you place the ad:
4. Create an APP on your Fanpage that links to a lead capture page (like your Pure Leverage capture page) so you can build your list. This is where you create an app:

5. “Like” other people’s fanpages as your fanpage and NOT with your individual FB account. The “other people” should be people who are involved in your niche so that there’s a better chance that your fans will be interested in what you’re doing (and eventually make you money!).

6. If you have a blog, install a plug-in on your blog to encourage people to “Like” your Fanpage

7. Post comments and interact on other Fanpages with your Fanpage account and ask for Shares/Likes/Comments

8. Engage your fans. Ask questions, polls, etc. Anything that will get people interacting on your fanpage. The interaction is what will tell Facebook basically that you’re “cool” and people really like you so they’ll show your posts, status updates and ads at the top ahead of other people (even if you’re paying less $$!)

9. Post pictures and videos. Facebook likes images and videos and your posts will have a better chance of going “viral” and being seen by more people if there are images or videos associated with them. Like this:

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10. Promote Your Posts. When you write a post, you’ll see the option to promote it. It’s pretty simple to do. You’ll probably want to pick an interesting picture and not use the default image that pops up. Also, make sure you choose the “Cost Per Click” pay structure and do not pay by impressions to save money. You can promote your post for as little as $5.

mlm training tips

11. Promote your Status Updates. Same as promoting your posts.

I know there’s probably some missing “key” information here! That’s why you should make sure you attend the live events and training webinars. This FREE information can catapult your business!

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