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motivate your teamSo I was watching a training this morning by a well known industry trainer and he was talking about a BIG issue we face in our industry – whether you work a Top Tier business like I do or MLM. It’s the issue of motivating your existing team members. This can be the MOST frustrating aspect of working a home business. See if you can relate to this…

People who get involved with a home business usually fall into the following 4 classifications:
1. They’re going to “give it a try” but are totally unmotivated in everything they do and will never make sales. These people rarely if ever show up for team events or calls.
2. They have a good job and have “no money urgency” so they won’t work the business. These people never show up for team events or calls.
3. They are motivated but need a lot of support and guidance. These people have a chance but need a constant push. They show up to most team events and calls.
4. They are self-motivated go-getters who will stop at nothing until they have success. These people are the ideal prospect and team member we’re looking for. They show up to all team events and calls.

So this trainer said in answer to the question “How to Motivate Your Existing Team” (which is comprised of the 4 groups of people above) is to just keep building your team. Ra Ra doesn’t work in most cases so lead by example. You hear that term in sports a lot… The best leaders lead by example… “Follow Me”

The only people you really have a shot with are #3 and #4. If they’re struggling, you can light a fire under them by introducing new team members and sharing the new member’s successes. Some will get jealous that people who have been in the business for a shorter period of time are having greater success and that’s a good thing. Others may feel upset at those new people but that’s OK. You can’t worry about upsetting the few.

So bottom line, just keep plugging away. Build it and they will come, right! Lead by your example. Keep bringing new people into your business and hopefully light a fire under the motivated or semi-motivated members of your existing team to hopefully get their business moving in the right direction!

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