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There’s a brand new home based business on the scene that is creating some “hype”, particularly among newbie network marketers, and it caught my attention because I keep getting spammed with links! There’s not even a website yet but if you’re reading this you are either a member or are looking at Emmutec, which is why I want to provide you with my Emmutec Review. It’s also important to note that I am not a member of this business opportunity so you can trust that this review is unbiased and will be fact based.

The Emmutec Product

I’m skipping providing information about the company because there’s really nothing to be found yet and jumping right into the product! The product is Emmunize, anti-virus protection software for you computer. They claim to be the ONLY virus protection on the market that will protect 100% of your computer. This remains to be seen!

The Emmutec MLM Business Opportunity & Cost

To join Emmutec, you’ll need to pay $59 to start your business and then a monthly “auto-ship” if you will of $12. This will allow you to stay active in your Emmutec business as well as get you the Emmunize virus protection software for up to 3 computers.

The compensation plan is a 3×9 matrix. While you don’t technically need to sponsor anyone to earn in the matrix, you will need to sponsor 9 people to max out the pay plan. They are paying out “Fast-Start” bonuses when you personally sponsor new reps. You’ll receive a $20 fast-start bonus and your sponsor will receive $10. This is a positive because I like MLMs that pay Fast-Start bonuses because it helps to keep people in profit and slows the attrition rate.

Now, while it’s not required that you recruit people into the business you should keep in mind that the matrix commissions and matching bonuses are being paid from the $12 monthly auto-ship. $12 is very inexpensive, which is what appeals to many new marketers, but also is not much money to go around. You will need to have a LOT of people on your team to earn any decent money. That’s just a fact.

That’s not really a negative, since you need to build large teams in any MLM to earn the money that you see people “claiming” or “advertising”. It’s much too early to say that Emmutec is a scam. My initial reaction is to say that they aren’t because they do have a real product, even if it eventually ends up not measuring up to their claims of being the “best”. Any company that creates a product should think it’s the best so I don’t see an issue there.

So, the bottom line of this initial Emmutec Review is that it’s still really early in the game, the product’s effective is still an unknown, and the business opportunity is just getting off the ground. It could be a fun business and only time will tell if they are able to last the test of time. Understand that if you plan to join, you need to prepared to recruit a lot of people.

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