24 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro Review – What Is It and Does It Work?

  1. Hi Dan,

    I’m not sure what the MLM Formula is so I can’t compare. My Lead System Pro is the premier training community on the net, in my opinion. Take the test-drive for $9.97 and see all you get with your membership HERE.

  2. Looking to get into some program(s).

    What’s the difference between “The MLM Formula” and “My Lead System Pro”?

  3. Hi Joel – I’ll email you. The simple answer is they are 2 different animals. MLM Traffic Formula is a course while MLSP is a Training Community that offers tools and a real blueprint to help you build your business.


  4. Like most I am a struggling marketer. I have focused most of my efforts off line due to the fact my sponsor grew his business to over 10,000 people on his team in just under two years this way. I believed in taking this route because he did. But the cost is INSANE!!! I just spent 3 grand on a postcard mailing and got 44 opt ins on my site. This will probably result in one sign up. I see that as a waste of $3000!
    I have just finished reading magnetic sponsoring by Mike Dillard and I get it! I have always understood it before I even read it. I just Ignored it. S
    Sorry for the rant. My question is this. Mike Dillard seems to be offering something along the same lines as this called “MLM traffic formula”. I have not gone threw the material but it sounds like that program is the same as this program. And these guys being fans of Mike Dillard and learning from him, what would make MLSP better? what are the differences? Or are they really not the same at all? You can email me as well if you wish. I appreciate any feed back as I am about to venture into this.
    Thank you for your time.


  5. Hi Sakuya,

    I consider MLSP to be a requirement for anyone just coming online who wants to learn how to build their network marketing business. I’ll send you an email.


  6. Hi Steve I just started in my own network marketing business and am really struggling. I am really serious about succeeding thats why im researching as many different possibilities of generating leads as i can in my spare time.

    Does MLSP really work? Ive never bought anything like this online before so to be honest i am really skeptical that it is a scam…

    And how will MLSP help me in my business?

  7. Of course, Princess. MLSP teaches you how to market and you automatically get 16 affiliate programs with your membership! Just sign up at My Site Here. I look forward to working with you!

  8. hi , im newbie …..can i join here evern if i dont have any affailiate or program to join with ..

  9. Hi Felicia,

    I do not know for sure, since I’ve never used JB’s system, but I believe MLSP is more generic and allows you to brand yourself better while it seems like 7 Figure Networker does a great job of branding Jonathan Budd. The MLSP community is full of top network marketers, which I think speaks well about MLSP.

  10. Do you know how MLSP compares with The 7 Figure Networker by Jonathan Budd? I’ve seen seperate reviews for both but I haven’t seen anyone compare the 2 systems at the same time.

  11. I was just searching for the difference between MLSP and Carbon Copy Pro and came across your site 🙂 I love MLSP but I know very little about CCpro and I had someone that wanted to know the difference.. I love how well written your post is and it is very easy to understand.. Thanks for the valuable info..
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  12. Hi Steve,
    I’m new to MLSP trying to figure it out myself. I just purchased it and am having a hard time with all the videos and information. It looks like it would work, but I’m finding that you need a good support team to work with you. Any help would be appreciated.


  13. Hi. This is really a good article that you have written. Can you please list the 20 affiliate programs that one can join and promote.

  14. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for taking the time to post this review. I recently found out about the MLSP system and was looking for some “real” information on what this system exactly entailed before I did anything, and I found it here. Thanks again!

    Shaklee Distributor

  15. I believe that MyLeadSystemPro does work. It has taught me a lot and I can say that others have also benefited from the trainings as well as the sales funnel that is provided.

    The key to success in using this remarkable system is to be consistent and persistent in any of the marketing methods learned and to work them until you see results. All of the methods taught work, you just have to practice until you become good at them, better yet, until you have mastered them.
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  16. Hi Linus,

    It’s great to hear from you. Yes, MLSP has taught me a ton and I highly recommend it to anyone marketing online in the home-business niche, especially newbies.


  17. Steve,

    I have to say MLSP is one of the best systems I’ve used and for the average person to make money it far outweighs the rest. You’ve done a great job explaining MLSP and how even the newbie network marketers can use this system.

    Looking forward to more content,

    ~ Linus
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