My Fun Life Review – Can a $21 Business Really Make You Rich?

myfunlife-reviewThis My Fun Life Review is based on preliminary information that I’ve been able to gather online and from my contacts in the industry. As of the time of the writing of this review, it’s in top-secret prelaunch with launch scheduled for mid-June. I have to say that I’ve taken a look at the websites, marketing system and back office and am completely blown away. You just don’t see this kind of quality in low-cost programs. There’s definitely momentum building globally so I’m thinking that people will want to get some facts on this new company.

My Fun Life Review: What Is It? is a new phone/tablet app in the 6 trillion dollar travel industry. The app allows you to book discount vacations right from their phones (it’s through Travelocity and you get cash back on the travel that you book). While I’m sure that the big travel providers like Expedia and Travelocity also have apps, My Fun Life is the only one that I’m aware of that provides an income opportunity.

The My Fun Life business was created by CEO and Owner Dan Edwards, a network marketer and businessman. The interesting twist is that his 16 son is also a corporate executive, officially listed as the Chief Visionary Officer. Pretty cool title for a teenager!

The Product

Right now there is just the 1 app. There’s an online booking agent called Cha-Ching, where you can earn by booking your own trips or the trips of your friends. The travel package includes discount hotels, condos and cruises PLUS you can book your airfare through your booking engine as well. As best I can tell, the travel package looks to be very robust.

The My Fun Life Income Opportunity

As of now, the business costs just $21 per month (so I expect that a lot of people will sign up because the price is so cheap) but the plans call for the addition of more apps going forward that will also have a cost associated with them so the business will not always be $21 per month. The key will be getting your team members to continue to upgrade. But, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves at this point since that’s “down the road” right now.

So…how do you make money?

The main piece of the My Fun Life compensation plan is a 3×10 matrix. Traditionally, matrix programs don’t survive the long haul BUT this one appears to be different. Why? Because they also have a Coded Bonus & Matching Check feature that will create some great income in addition to the residual matrix income.


In addition, there’s a check match:


And, something pretty neat for a 3×10 matrix program…a coded bonus which should provide a very good income for the LEADERS & BIG RECRUITERS:


My Fun Life Review Summary

If you’re a big time recruiter and have the ability to build a team of 1000s of people, then you should be able to do very well with My Fun Life, especially with the coded bonus feature of the comp plan. This business will appeal to many new marketers because of the low price point. There are some top marketers that I know who are getting involved (myself included :)) and I think you’ll be hearing about My Fun Life for years to come.

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9 Responses to My Fun Life Review – Can a $21 Business Really Make You Rich?

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    They can make a little bit of money, Wendy, with the Cha-Ching booking engine but not very much. It’s really not something that’s talked about very much.

  2. Wendy says:

    So, what about people who opt out of the pay affiliation and are only free affiliates with the cash-back option through the Travelocity system? Obviously, wealth isn’t a factor, but do they make any money at all? Are there any out there who have talked about that?

  3. Jon Patrick says:

    Great review of this exciting program. Appreciate your time for this one!
    Jon Patrick´s last blog post ..Spillover: Myth or Reality?

  4. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Andrew.


  5. Andrew williams says:

    you all are forgetting that the functions that this app provides are incredible in themselves! It beats priceline and all other travel applications! it will stand the test of time because people are always looking for better ways to travel!

  6. Steve Hawk says:

    That will be the big question, Freddy. My experience tells me that a $21 3×10 matrix program will NOT be able to stand the test of time but we’ll have to wait and see. There are some really good marketers who have gotten involved so it’ll be interesting to watch.


  7. Freddy Lindblom says:

    wow, nice idea for an app, I wonder if it will withstand the trial of time
    Freddy Lindblom´s last blog post ..Informacje Biznesowe

  8. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for the comment, Tyronne. I agree that the coded bonus is an attractive feature of any comp plan, assuming you build a big enough team to reap the rewards!


  9. Hey Steve,thanks for the breakdown of the My Fun Life business opportunity. That coded bonus will probably attract a lot of your big time recruiters, I think that’s why a lot of networkers were attracted to Numis, that coded bonus is enticing if you’re good at building big organizations.
    Tyronne Ratcliff´s last blog post ..Earn More Money Online With These Traffic Tips

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