Text Cash Network Review – Scam or Can You Make Money?

Text Cash Network Review

Text Cash Network reviewThere a relatively new MLM on the block that has generated some buzz, particularly among newbie marketers, called the Text Cash Network. What follows is a Text Cash Network Review from an outsider…somebody who is NOT involved in this business opportunity and can provide you with unbiased information (hard to find sometimes!) so you can decide for yourself if you’d like to join.

Who Is The Text Cash Network?

In order to provide you with a thorough Text Cash Network Review, I’d like to first provide you with some boring company information! TCN is a brand new company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. It was founded by Dalton Johnson and Brett Hudson. Doing a Google search on the 2 principals, it does appear that Mr. Hudson brings an impressive business resume to the company having built and taken companies public in the past. This is a real positive in my book.

The Text Cash Network is FREE to join and, according to their website, will always be free to join. This is an interesting business model that I’ve seen before in network marketing. Companies like TCN are trying to mirror the massive success of Groupon by using the same business model.

How Do You Make Money With The Text Cash Network?

How do you make money when people join for free? Well, it’s a pretty cool concept but will take a very long time to build. When you join, you agree to receive 5 text marketing messages per day. These are ads that advertisers who sign up with TCN are sending to the distributor base. The people you bring in to the business also agree to receive 5 text messages per day from advertisers. For this you can earn UP TO $1.50 per person in your 2×10 matrix. This means you can earn up to $2302.50 per month in your 2×10 matrix if you fill it completely (which nobody ever does).

There’s also a 3×10 matrix with matching bonuses that you can participate in. While the compensation plan and business model are legit and there’s nothing that indicates that the Text Cash Network is a scam, I’ve seen similar comp plans and the vast majority of distributors won’t earn more than a few bucks if that. I’ve found in my experience that “free to join” business opportunities do not provide people with a vested interest to work the business. At least if somebody has to reach into their bank account first the chances of them at least trying to build a business are far greater.

That being said, it is free so if it’s a business that appeals to you I say “go for it”!

Text Cash Network Review Summary

To summarize my Text Cash Network review, I’d say that it’s a legitimate business model that may work long term. Time will tell. It’s just very difficult to make money in a business that’s free to join. I personally wouldn’t recommend working it as a primary income opportunity but if you want to work it part time I see no reason not to. Just remember that you’ll need to be able to generate a LOT of leads in order to get the large number of sign-ups you will need to make a decent income from TCN.

To Learn How To Generate Leads For Your Text Cash Network Business (or any MLM)…

Text Cash Network Review

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3 Responses to Text Cash Network Review – Scam or Can You Make Money?

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    I would assume if you don’t have an unlimited text plan it will cost you some $$, Samsun.

  2. samsun says:

    If they send msgs to my mobile, will it cost any to me, becoz on reg ma bal ws deducted on verifying ma mob no…. ???????

  3. An unbelievable opportunity for amazing income – and it’s for FREE! This is a ‘no brainer’ if there ever was one!
    Jon R. Patrick´s last blog post ..Text Cash Network 2012 Goals

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