Network Marketing Leads With Bing PPC

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Bing_Pay_Per_ClickOne of the biggest ROADBLOCKS to success in Network Marketing is the lack of lead generation. It’s imperative, no matter what business you’re in, that you consistently generate Network Marketing Leads on a daily basis. Your “pipeline” of prospects always needs new blood.

But how do you generate HIGH QUALITY network marketing leads? I mean really high targeted “almost ready to join your business (or buy your product)” leads! One of the best that I’ve found is Bing Pay Per Click… also known as Bing Ads. Google has made it extremely difficult to market a home business on their PPC network but Bing will gladly take our advertising dollars!

The cool thing is that it’s not a difficult strategy and you have complete control of your costs. It’s a no brainer in my opinion. Below is a video that I recorded for a team training but it can be used successfully with any business. Enjoy and share!

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