Sizzle Zing Review – Don’t Join Just Yet!

sizzle zing reviewI’m starting to hear more and more people promoting this new matrix/cycler program from Carl Troutner and Stan Snead called “Sizzle Zing”. If you’ve been in the home business industry for any length of time you probably have contacts who get into all of these matrix and cycler programs that promise great riches for a one-time payment. Before you join, I want to arm you with some facts with this completely unbiased Sizzle Zing Review.

This new program, based  in Bedford, PA, costs a one-time payment of $330. That is appealing to people that they can supposedly earn “over and over” with just a one-time payment. And matrix marketers tend to be pretty aggressive with their “pitch”.

What Exactly is SizzleZing?

Sizzle Zing’s products are banner ads so that you can advertise any other business or products that you are selling. The problem is that the banner ads are only shown on the SizzleZing website so only members of SizzleZing will see them. This means that the market for your traffic to your ads is very limited.

The compensation plan is a matrix, with 3  2×2 matrix  boards.  While you will never have to pay more than your initial $330, some of your “earnings” if you’re lucky enough to cycle through the boards will go towards buying your way into the boards each time you enter.

Sizzle Zing Compensation Plan

Unlike most matrix and cycler type programs, you are only required to sponsor 1 person to qualify to earn commissions. Most similar programs require you to sponsor 2  people, which most people never do. This should help more people earn commissions in this program compared to  other matrix and cycler programs.

Is There a Downside To Making Money With SizzleZing?

The downside to any multi-level marketing program, and SizzleZing is no different, is you will  need to recruit much more than 1 person to earn any significant commissions. Why is this you ask? Because the majority of people you bring into the program will never even recruit 1 person, therefore not helping you to cycle fast.

My experience and the experience of  other “veterans” in the industry is that you will  need to recruit MOST of the people yourself. True, you may cycle once particularly in the beginning while the program has that exciting “new  car smell”. But over time most people will become inactive forcing you to continue to recruit in order to earn.

The only other negative I’ll add is that these programs usually don’t have staying power. Once people start to see that they’ll need to recruit more than 1 person they typically are off to the next new program that promises them easy riches.

Sizzle Zing Review Summary

If you’re seriously considering joining SizzleZing, I’d recommend making sure that you have a recruiting plan to build your business. Do not expect to just  recruit 1  person and continuously cycle  through the boards. This WILL NOT happen. To learn cutting edge marketing and  recruiting strategies, grab my training below…


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