Inexpensive Network Marketing Prospecting Tip #12 – Banner Advertising

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My Inexpensive Network Marketing Prospecting Tip for today is Banner Advertising. I will give you some ideas of where to place your banners, but I also have recorded a video that will show you HOW to place a banner on a site.

Banner Advertising is a form of online advertising that still works well and is very cheap. Everyone remembers back in the days before pop-up blockers…your internet surfing experience would be filled with annoying pop-up banners that seemingly would not go away. People became conditioned that these banners were “annoying” and their effectiveness waned. Nowadays, you have the ability to “laser  target” your banner advertising specifically to the audience that you want to see your banner. You can do PPC, PPV, or Pay for a certain period of time. There are also many advertising sites specifically for network marketers that let members place banners for other members to see.

Some of the ways that you can advertise a banner online include:

  • Pay Per Click and Pay Per View (on search sites such as Google in addition to many others such as AdClickMedia, which place ads on other targeted sites for you).
  • Find a website or blog that ranks highly for a well-searched keyword in your niche such as “Home Based Business” and place a banner on sites that rank 1st or 2nd for that keyword. You might pay anywhere from $125 – 250 per month or more to place your banner on the site. The traffic you receive with be very targeted.
  • There are advertising sites specifically for network marketers to advertise to other network marketers. These sites are called Ad Exchanges or Safelists. They will also usually have an email marketing component to them but they usually let you place  banner ads as  well. These sites are free to join and the entire membership is made of your target  market.


It is very simple when you understand what you are trying to do. You generally need 2 URLs to correctly place your banner ad:

1. The URL where the banner is hosted. This could be an affiliate or your primary company that provides banners for its members and hosts them for them. You might also need to self host your banner – upload the banner image from your computer to your  hosting company.

2. The URL to your capture page. This the url that you want the person clicking on your banner to be re-directed to. 99% of  the time, this will be your lead capture page.

Watch The Video To See EXACTLY How To Set-Up Your Banner Advertising:


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