Inexpensive Network Marketing Prospecting Tip #13 – Business Cards

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This is the first in a series of simple network marketing prospecting tips you can implement immediately to help you with your MLM recruiting efforts.

To succeed in network marketing, you need to always be prospecting. I’m sure that you have heard that term before. And that doesn’t mean you have to badger your friends and family every single day and risk getting cut out of Aunt Bertha’s will! There are plenty of simple, cheap, creative yet effective ways that you can implement your daily network marketing prospecting.

I know that I always talk about marketing your network marketing or MLM business online, because that is what I know and how I primarily market my business. But today I’m going to talk about a simple “off-line” strategy.

mlm-business-card1 Simple strategy is the use of business cards to market your MLM business. You can get business cards really cheap at, which is where I’ve bought some. I am sure there are plenty of other similar sites. Just carry your business cards with you at all times and leave them behind where ever you go. I leave mine at book stores (putting a card inside a personal development or motivational type book IS target marketing!), the dry cleaners, grocery  store, restaurants, on ATM machines, etc. You can drop a business  card anywhere and you never know who’s going to pick it up!

I recommend putting your  capture  page as  your website link on your  business card and keeping the card generic BUT including your name, phone number, and email  address. You could also design business cards with your company name on it in the event that you give your card to someone  who you are already  speaking to about your specific business opportunity because it would be silly to then direct that person to a lead capture  page!

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