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Hey guys. THIS IS IT if you are  someone who likes “Instant Gratification” (who doesn’t?).  In this next installment of my “inexpensive  network marketing prospecting tips”, I’m going to talk about email marketing. If  done right, email marketing will generate immediate leads for you.

I still talk to people who are trying to market their business online but are not using this simple yet  effective strategy and it makes me scratch my bald  head! Why  not?

In this article, I am not going to talk about specific sites but I will provide you with some ideas as well as a basis for how to write your emails for maximum effectiveness.

Some simple sites to sign up for, that typically allow you to send a few “solo ads” (which are email ads to the membership base) for  free  when you first join are Ad Exchanges & Credit  Based Safelists & List Builders. The membership is  encouraged to click on the ads in order to earn credits so that they can send their own solo ads. Pretty cool idea. It is not recommended to try to pitch expensive products to this group as your results  will be dismal. You want to use these sites to generate leads either for  your training site, lead  generation site,  or your MLM business (Don’t look at me like that…it’s OK to try to recruit  directly into your business from time to time :)).

The link that you include when sending a solo ad  should ALWAYS direct the prospect to your Lead Capture Page. This way, when they don’t immediately purchase or upgrade into your business you will still have their information so that you can follow-up with them (with your autoresponder).

The most important part of email marketing is  to get your emails opened! This is done by having a “catchy” subject line. The best rule of thumb here is to see other people’s ads to you and see what catches your eye. That’s most likely a good subject line. You’ll also notice that many subject lines will be  very similar and kind of blend into one another. Avoid these subject lines!

Personally, I recommend that the body of your email be short. If you are allowed to put a link in the body of the email, put it towards the top. Otherwise, all you want to do here is to tell the reader a little bit  to entice them to click the link to your capture page. Do not  tell them exactly what the product or your company is.  Do not lie because  this can come back to bite you!

That’s it until next  time! Good luck!

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  • Van Marciano

    Nice post, email marketing is simply one of the most cost effective ways to promote your online business or product online for sure. I generate almost $400 worth of sales a month just using email marketing for my small online business, highly recommend it.

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