Inexpensive Network Marketing Prospecting Tip #10 – FREE Webinars

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free-webinarsA great tip to learn how to grow your network marketing business is to attend FREE webinars. There are webinars being held every day and night by leaders in the network marketing industry.

While it is true that the host of the webinar  usually has a motive for holding the webinar Рeither the sale of a product, recruiting into their MLM, or simply Personal Branding (and you just need to know this going in) Рthe free training and information that can walk away with can really help you grow.

The “online” network marketing industry is extremely competitive. To try and separate¬† yourself from the competition you need to be able to build relationships and provide value. Providing value is usually done by sharing “quality information” for FREE (like I do with this blog lol!). Take advantage of this and try to attend at least 1 webinar a week. I am not saying buy everything that is being sold but attend with a notepad and pen and learn.

That’s it…pretty simple, huh? Now, in the words of the almighty sneaker company, “JUST DO IT”!

PS. I will talk about hosting your own webinars to generate MLM leads and distributors in a future post. Stay tuned…

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