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If you are involved in MLM or Network Marketing, you already know how important Network Marketing Prospecting is and that that leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you have no business. So, the most important business activity that you can be doing each and every day is network marketing prospecting. Searching for people who might be interested in either making some extra money or generating a full time income with a new home based business. In today’s economy, you would think that would be pretty simple!

network  marketing  prospectingThere are a variety of “old-school” network marketing prospecting strategies that you can implement that will generate some results – flyers, business cards, dvds, elevator speech, home meetings. These techniques are feet to the pavement, belly-to-belly marketing that will work but takes  a lot of time and you really need to have the right personality to implement these strategies successfully. They certainly can work and should not be avoided 100%.

The Top Network Marketing Prospecting Strategy

Marketing your network marketing business ONLINE is the top strategy of all of the top MLM’ers today to generate more leads to their business on a daily basis and online marketing provides a far greater reach. You can deliver your message to thousands each day rather than 5-10 people.  What do you think this would do for your business?

But, marketing on the internet can be very difficult and is very competitive, particularly if you are new. At first, it will seem easy until you don’t get the results you were expecting. Then, it will seem overwhelming! Most of us will go  through a period of self-doubt, thinking that it’s impossible. It’s not, but it does require some work on your part.

Things you can do TODAY to start to carve out your own piece of internet real estate to start your online network marketing prospecting:

1. Create An Online Identity or Brand: This falls into the category of “attraction marketing” and includes setting up a self-hosted blog and having a Twitter and Facebook account. Doing this will eventually generate leads for you, but at first what it will do is to provide you with some authority. Your prospects will be able to learn a little bit about you and you will appear as someone who takes their business seriously. I don’t know about you, but anyone who I am considering doing business with, I Google them first. If I cannot find them online, I most likely will not do business with them. This is 2010 afterall!

2. Purchase A Domain For Your Affiliate Link: And, mask forward it (you can do this at your domain host very easily). Everyone who joins  a network marketing business will receive an affiliate link to their replicated website (it’s better to drive online traffic to a lead capture page but you should still purchase a domain for your replicated website). When you choose your domain name, mask forwarding will allow you to name your page and enter keywords for your site. This simple step will put you ahead of the majority of your competition or either do not know to do this or who do not want to spend the $10 for a domain name!

3. Get an Auto-Responder Account: I tell you from experience to do this as quickly as possible. I “wasted” many months online before I got one and had no leads to show for my efforts! You will want to capture your prospects name and email address so that you can follow-up with them via email. They say that it takes a person seeing an offer 7 times before they buy.

These are just a few ways that you can get started today to begin your online network marketing prospecting. Sure, there is much to learn but,  just by doing these few simple steps you will leap ahead of much of your competition!

To learn how you can generate a consistent and growing flow of targeted network marketing leads to your online business each and every day, please visit my training site at

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  • Hey James,
    Thank you for the kind words! I am in agreement with you 100% that people fail because people quit. I preach that all the time. Massive action produces massive results – people need to realize that. I can’t quit anyway, because I have no where to go 🙂

    Take care,

  • Thank you for providing such terrific value! It’s folks like you that make this industry worth every single penny! I hope you continue to be productive in your company, and constantly bear in mind that consistency WILL win the game no matter what. Most persons fail in this business for only 1 reason…and that’s they quit too soon. All of the best. James

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  • Felicia Corbell

    Thanks alot for the solid mlm tips, this is a great start for everyone who is interested in pushing their network marketing business to the next level and generating more mlm leads!

  • You’re welcome, Sherman. The marketing reach that the internet provides simply cannot be overlooked. It’s all about leverage!


  • These are great tips Steve. In one my network marketing businesses, the leaders would not promote internet marketing for a long time. Now, it seems like it’s becoming more and more popular, and network marketing has become a lot more fun to me. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

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