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It must be the eye-popping graphics  nowadays, or the fact that  many people do not believe that banner advertising online still works.

Well…It Does!

My network marketing tip of the day is you need to be using banner advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy because it is relatively cheap and it works if done correctly. I have been testing this strategy for the past 2 months, only advertising really on 1 site (I do have my banners on some ad exchanges  and the like with little positive results from them) that I pay $125 per month for and the results have even surprised me! From this one banner ad, I am able to generate between 8-10 leads every day (weekends are slower). Talk about great bang for your buck!

Here’s Exactly How You Can Use This Strategy

This is what  I did and it’s really, really simple:

1. Go to Google and type in a  search term that gets a lot of traffic. For example, “Make Money Online”, “Online Business Opportunities”, “Home Based Business”, etc.

2. See if the sites that rank #1 for those search terms offer banner advertising

3. Contact the site owner for rates if they are not shown and make sure that they are reasonable. I think $125 per month for a site that gets about 2000 visitors per day is reasonable.

4. Make a deal and get your banner posted!

That’s really it.  Very easy. There are sites  that cost much more. I recommend starting small to get a feel for it and to test. I am going to be expanding my banner advertising. The great thing about it is it’s set it and forget it and you do not need to worry about getting shut down by  Google (PPC joke :)).

Good luck and please share any success stories.

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