LinkedIn…An Uptapped Resource For Network Marketers

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LinkedIn-For-Network-MarketersI have recently begun using LinkedIn more seriously in my networking activities, as part of my overall social media strategy, with some initial success. This made me realize that LinkedIn just might be a relatively “untapped” resource for network marketers!

Facebook is obviously the #1 social media outlet for network marketers who are looking to generate leads and sign-ups. And, with good reason, since FB is the 2nd most traffic’d site in the US, 2nd only to Google. There is a tremendous amount of potential with Facebook, and you need to have a presence there if you take your business seriously, BUT there is also a tremendous amount of competition!

I would say that Twitter ranks #2 of the social media strategies employed by network marketers. I’ll admit that while I have built a decent following on Twitter, I am not a Twitter “master marketer”. If you don’t have a solid Twitter marketing strategy, and are diligent in your efforts, it just seems like you can lost rather easily.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, while not as “visually appealing” as most social media networking sites can be very effective if used correctly. I have generated both leads and sign-ups into my business already as I am building my connections. You can do this too if you just follow some simple steps. Now, let me first say that LinkedIn was built as a “business networking” site and not a social site. You will find a much more “professional” membership base. People who take their business seriously and are looking to grow their network.

5 Simple Steps To Effectively Network On LinkedIn

  1. Create a PROFESSIONAL profile that will attract the people who you want to network with. Include skills and past experiences that you bring to the table that will make people want to connect with you.
  2. Include your PICTURE in your profile. I see so many people on Facebook who put a picture of their kid, their dog, or their company for the profile picture. Do NOT do this. This is “network” marketing folks! People want to connect with people.
  3. You want to have a 100% complete profile and getting RECOMMENDATIONS from people you know, preferably in network marketing, is  required to get to 100%. This is very easy to do and you can send out requests for recommendations right from your LinkedIn site.
  4. Just like FB and Twitter, the only people who will see your messages or posts are people who you directly connected with. For  this reason, you need to consistenly add connections. Luckily this is very simple. I’ll give you my “secret” strategy for adding a lot of connections on LinkedIn very quickly below.
  5. Be consistent. This is Marketing 101. Make sure you log-in  daily to your LinkedIn account to respond to messages from others and to post a message yourself. Do NOT Spam. Personally, I lead with training, value and give away either free products or information. This has been very well received and again, is simple to do. Everyone has something of value that they can share!

How To Add Lots Of Connections FAST on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to add alot of connects quickly, unlike FB  which seems to have a daily limit. When you completed your profile, you put in both past and current jobs. Obviously, for “jobs” you can put in past and present business opportunities. You will then be able to “mass-connect” (up to 50 at a time) with others who have that company in their profile.  I recommend including a personal message when you request to connect but it’s not required. I have found that most people accept since they are looking to build their connections as well.

But what happens when you’ve connected with everyone from the companies you’ve worked for?


In your past employer section, include companies that you’ve had any sort of affiliation with even if you haven’t “technically” worked for them. For example, I have downline members in my current businesses that also are involved in other biz ops. And, I’ve helped them in our current business so I think I’ve been a “consultant” for that business. Right? Same for my past life as a mortgage broker. I worked with realtors from many different real estate companies. There’s a connection there I think. You get my drift! Once you’ve added that business in your “past-employer” section, you’ll be able to send a request to everyone associated with that company asking them to connect.

If you don’t already have a presence on LinkedIn, I highly recommend that you start now. The competition is much less than you’ll find on Facebook and the people you’ll connect with take their business more seriously for the most part (and you won’t have to read  what they had for breakfast that day or get “poked”  by people you don’t know!). That’s a good “one-two” punch in my book!

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  2. I’m starting to focus some of my efforts on LinkedIn – which I really hadn’t before. I’ll continue to keep you updated!


  3. Thanks Steve, I am so glad you sent me this post! I think you are right about Linkedin I have had a bunch of messages from people and they seem more responsive because like you said they take their business seriously. Once again thank you for this wonderful post! Have a beautiful weekend my friend 🙂
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