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ebnlogo-headerThis business is more popular than ever and is making me the most income of any business that I’ve personally been involved with so I thought it would be a good idea to give you the REAL scoop on this HIGH-TICKET direct sales business assuming you found this Millionaire Marketing Machine-Elite Business Nation Review while doing your due diligence.

I’ve written a few Millionaire Marketing Machine reviews in the past but wanted to provide an update for 2014 since so much has been going on. I aligned with Elite Business Nation (a team of about 350 independent entrepreneurs) in the summer of 2013 and it’s really had a significant impact on my business. One thing I’ve learned since getting into the home business industry full-time in 2009 is that TEAM and SUPPORT are essential keys to an individual’s success. The training and support that we provide to new members is the best I’ve ever seen and, because of that, more people are making money which is the bottom line.

So, what exactly is Millionaire Marketing Machine?

MMM-Header3The millionaire marketing machine is a 6 year old direct sales business that markets lifestyle. Sure, there are 6 product packages that I’ll cover in a bit but what we really sell is “Lifestyle”. The opportunity for people from any background and experience level to start their own home business that has the potential to earn them a 6 figure income in their very first year.

There are products – along with the Master Resale Rights to resell those packages – that make this business legal and operate similar to a “mini-franchise”. The products are divided up into 6 different product packages. To get started a person needs to purchase the product package of their choice and that purchase includes the Master Resale Rights I mentioned above.

How Much Does It Cost?

I want to get this out of the way early in this Millionaire Marketing Machine review because I know you’re wondering! The cost to get involved includes the ONE-TIME cost of the product package you choose plus a ONE-TIME admin fee that covers your websites, hosting, etc. There are no on-going monthly or annual fees excluding your marketing expenses which you’d have no matter what business you were working. The 6 packages are:

Bronze: $500 plus $195 admin fee
Silver: $2,000 plus $196 admin fee
Gold: $3.500 plus $197 admin fee
Platinum: $6,500 plus $248 admin fee
Diamond: $12,000 plus $298 admin fee
Elite: $20,000 plus $485 admin fee

NOW, if you’re someone who is used to joining a more traditional MLM business you’re probably going to look at some of those costs and think to yourself “who would pay that much money to get started in a home business?” I am here to tell you that there are plenty of people, from all over the world who will BECAUSE the income potential is MUCH GREATER and MUCH FASTER than MLM. People looking to start a traditional business or franchise, people fed up with MLM, baby boomers, etc. PLUS since it’s a one-time fee to get started, the cost is actually MUCH LESS than starting multiple MLM businesses which is what most network marketers end up doing.

What Are The Products?

The Millionaire Marketing Machine products are digital audios and videos from some of the top experts in the field of personal growth and development (a $10 billion industry) and entrepreneurial education. These products have tremendous value and help all members in their daily lives and their business. BUT, like I mentioned earlier, the real value comes with the master resale rights that allows us to resell the packages and earn big commissions on each sale.

How Do You Get Paid?

This is what separates this business model from most others out there, including MLMs and Franchises. The compensation plan is based on the time tested and proven 1-Up compensation plan model. The first sale that you make is passed up to your sponsor (the person who sold you your business) as a training sale – basically to compensate them for the extensive training that you’ll receive. After that, you are qualified for LIFE to earn commissions at a 100% profit rate.
1-Up Comp Plan

You are only qualified to receive commissions UP TO the product package that you personally own after you’re qualified. For example, our most popular package by far is the GOLD PACKAGE for $3,500. So, if you’re qualified at the GOLD level, then you can earn commissions on ALL Bronze, Silver and Gold package sales. If you made an Elite sale, then you would earn the $3500 that you’re qualified to receive while the additional $16,500 in commissions would roll-up to the next person above you who is an Elite Qualified Director.

You can upgrade at any time by paying the admin fee for the level you’re looking to upgrade to PLUS the difference between the product package you own and the product package you’re upgrading to. For example, to upgrade from Gold To Platinum would cost a $248 admin fee PLUS $3,000.

Other Ways To Get Paid

Besides being paid on your individual sales directly from the person who you sell a business to, you are also paid on the first sale that those people make as part of the 1-up compensation plan. You are also paid on roll-ups – that’s when a person under you sells a product package for a higher level then they’re qualified at – AND upgrades. Upgrades are when a member of your team decides to upgrade from their current earning level to a higher level, assuming that you’re qualified at the higher level. This is why our ALL of our member’s goal is to get qualified at the ELITE LEVEL to avoid any lost commissions and to maximize earnings.

How Do You Find Qualified Prospects?

This is the key to success (and making money) in any business and is a VERY IMPORTANT question for people starting a home based business in 2014 BECAUSE many start a home business with little to no marketing experience.

This is where I, as an experienced marketer, and the Elite Business Nation come into play. There are many traffic driving strategies that will produce good results but some are complicated. We start all new people off using 1 SIMPLE YET VERY EFFECTIVE marketing system that works to generate qualified prospects literally within 48-72 hours of starting your business. The simplicity and speed in which you can get your business up and running is one of our BIGGEST SELLING POINTS!

This review will not change your life by itself, the NEXT STEP is yours…

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