Newbie’s Guide To Marketing Your Network Marketing Business

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To Be Successful In Network Marketing…You Must Recruit Other People Into Your Business…


As a follow-up to the article I wrote yesterday The Basics Of How To Build Your Own Opt-In List, I thought I would write about some basic marketing strategies that the brand new or struggling network marketer can use right away to start generating leads. It is my experience, and an unfortunate part of our business, that many people just do not and will not recruit. I’ve heard that the average network marketer will recruit 2.3 people. We all know that’s not enough! The reason for this, I believe, is two-fold: #1. Many people are lazy and do not want to work or #2. Many people have absolutely no idea how to market their business.

Assuming that the first group will be too lazy to read this article (lol!), I will attempt to get those who just aren’t sure what they should be doing to start generating some leads for their business. I do not plan for this article to be all-encompassing (as I plan to drill down and write more detailed articles in the future), but rather to provide some ideas and direction to those marketers who feel like the only way to recruit is to bug their friends and family!

  • Friends and Family: Ha! I’ve never really been one to approach friends and family but this approach works very well for many people. Especially in our current economy, everyone’s looking for ways to make extra income and many people are out of work. I would say if you feel comfortable with this approach, go for it…if it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it.
  • Fliers and Business Cards: I am personally starting to do this (although I primarily focus on online marketing). Again, for me at least, this is an economy-driven strategy. There are many people who never would have considered network marketing 2 years ago (I include myself in that group) who are now prime candidates. I was in the mortgage business. Any commission sales people are terrific targets…realtors, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents to give you a few ideas. They are typically driven and have experience marketing themselves and their business. You can post fliers around town, leave business cards as take-aways on the counter of retail stores you frequent, etc.
  • Traffic Exchanges: This marketing method works best for inexpensive or free programs. There are hundreds if not thousands of Traffic Exchanges online. I recommend picking at least 5 of the largest and use them daily. A traffic exchange allows you to show your ads to other members because they require marketers to click on other ads to gain credits. The more credits you have, the more your ad will be shown. You can join these for free. Upgrades provide you with credits so you don’t have to click for credits as much.
  • Ad Exchanges: Ad Exchanges allow you to send solo email ads to members as well as post banners and text ads on the site for other members to see. These are credit based as well, which incent people to click on your ad. There are many Ad Exchanges online. In many cases, you can get “promo” codes for free solo ads when you join. I have had success with my Solo Ads on these sites. I would not bother too much with the banners or text ads. Send at least 1 Solo Ad per day.
  • Safelists and FFA Email Sites: I use safelists as part of my email strategy. Most safelists nowadays are credit based to encourage people to click on the email ads. You are allowed to email your solo ad to members of the safelist (to how many people depends on your membership level). The sites I belong to have large memberships (up to 80k members). Your emails will not typically go to a members contact email address though. Safelists encourage people to use a different email address since they will be receiving 1000s of emails every day. You really need to make your ad stand out to get it read. See my Safelist Marketing article for some ideas on how to make your ad stand out.
  • Attraction Marketing or Personal Branding: This is not a “quick” marketing strategy but is a very effective one. Mike Dillard gave this strategy its name and helped to popularize it. It simply is a strategy to set yourself apart from the masses who are marketing online (this strategy works off-line as well). I highly recommend picking up his Magnetic Sponsoring Book (You can grab your copy HERE).
  • Article Marketing and Press Releases: One of my favorite “inexpensive” marketing strategies. I write articles to promote myself and my blog, but also to promote my programs. If you do not have your own website, that’s OK. You can write articles on Squidoo, HubPages, and other free sites that get great Google rankings. You can also submit free press releases that get terrific rankings as well. Write an article about your program and put in on a few sites (not just 1) and submit it to multiple free press release sites. You will generate traffic. Don’t just do it once, though. Be consistent and do it a few times per week.
  • Ezine Solo Ads: Ezine Solo Ads will cost you money. The cost can range from a few bucks to hundreds. There are many of these sites online. You will want to do your own due diligence…particularly for the more expensive ones.
  • Video Marketing: Make a quick video about your program and submit to a few different sites…YouTube and Viddler to name a couple of popular ones.
  • Email Signature: Put a link to your program (and you should have a lead capture page if you read yesterday’s article!) in your email signature. Do this right now! Simple.
  • Social Networks: Put a link on your facebook page, twitter, etc. Tell people about your program and why they should take a look.
  • Pay-Per-Click: Placing “sponsored” ads on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. All the top marketers use this strategy. It can get expensive since you are paying every time someone clicks on your ad. You really need to understand this strategy before implementing it. Perry Marshall is considered to be the guru on PPC marketing. You can check out his site…he has a free email course that will provide you with a good overview.

Take a couple of strategies…I would go with the email ads as a way to generate leads quickly for your business. Remember to do some marketing every day. Do not give up and keep your eyes on your target. Network Marketing works if you do. Don’t be one of those people with 2.3 recruits and no money!

Your Partner in Success,

Steve Hawk

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