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Breaking News: Numis Network and World Ventures Merge… What Does This Mean For The MLM Industry?

numis world ventures mergerSo I was just reading some Facebook posts this morning – not something I usually do by the way! – and stumbled upon some very interesting news. There has been a merger of 2 major network marketing companies – Numis Network and World Ventures. What does this mean for the new company? Why did they merge? What will the new company look like going forward?

These are questions that immediately come to my mind. First of all, Numis Network is a “coin company” (silver coins) and World Ventures is a travel company. Coins and Travel don’t necessarily go together… at least in my mind. On the surface this looks like a desperation move or a way for the company with a healthier financial outlook to tap into the others’ distributor pool. So I wanted to take a deeper look.

Let me first say that I am not involved with either company so I’ll be providing a third party view of the situation here.

Numis Network and World Ventures Merger

This “announcement” was just announced so it’s difficult to know the true motivation at this time. Both companies have some similarities in that they both have a Silver BMW car bonus program and they both have a binary compensation plan. Both of these similarities should make the leaders who are actually making money with their businesses more comfortable which is a key to a successful merger. You need to keep the leaders happy.

It is kind of strange from a product standpoint though. Now the World Ventures reps will also be able to offer Silver Coins to their customers and distributors and the Numis Network reps will be able to use and sell discount travel packages. I’m all for diversification but these products just don’t seem to go together.

World Ventures has been in business since 2005 and Numis Network since 2009. Both are US based companies with the ability to also do business overseas.

World Ventures Will Be The Parent Company In This Merger

As of August 1, 2013 the Numis Network downline organization will be merged into the World Ventures downlines. As of August 1, new reps will be starting a World Ventures business (not a Numis Network business). I had heard that Numis was having some difficulties as long ago as last year so this makes sense.

Numis reps will need to activate their World Ventures membership for a $66 monthly fee. It looks like their current monthly to Numis will cease. Going forward, the cost to get started for new reps is $300 + $66/month. This is what World Ventures currently charges so the NEW COMPANY is really World Ventures with the opportunity to also sell coins if you want to. My guess is that the coin business slowly goes away.

Numis Network and World Ventures Merger Summary

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