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One24LogoIf you are considering joining the newest MLM business on the block, One24, then look no further. I wanted to write this One24 MLM review because the business is brand new and I could not find any decent information myself when I was searching. I will tell you the inside scoop about ownership, the product, the unique compensation plan, cost, plus how you can recruit both offline and online with One24. This way, you can decide if it’s the business for you!

One24 Review: Ownership

One24 is the brainchild of Mark Seyforth, who helped to launch Herbalife (you’ve heard of them, right :)) back in 1980. He  is also the same guy who built a 100 million dollar company while he was still in his 20’s.  I’m not writing that out of jealousy, but more out of respect. Mark obviously knows what he’s doing. I don’t know Mark personally, although I just friended him on Facebook to try to get to know more, but I Google’d him and have not found anything bad, which  really is  a very positive sign. Someone who has been involved in MLM for over 30 years would normally have some detractors!

One24 Review: The Product – Natraburst

Although I believe that there will be more products coming, currently the 1 product that will be available at launch is NatraBurst, a powerful “super food blend”, that is basically a concentrated blend of vegetables, fruits and proteins for a healthier lifestyle. The neat thing about the product is that the monthly auto-ship is only $60. You are only required to purchase 1 unit per month.

One24 Review: Compensation Plan

The compensation plan looks unique and is being referred to as IRP-Incentivized Referral Plan for Linear Compensation. You receive $1.50 for all of your Greens (personal team members) 12 levels deep and something really cool is that you also earn off of everybody that joins the business after you! You can view the entire comp plan video and explanation: Click HERE For Comp Plan Video. (Just click on the view video icon in the bottom left corner.) One important fact mentioned in the video is that the company is paying out 50% of profits, as opposed to the typical 24-40% paid out by most MLMs. What this means is there will be more money to go around…and not just to the top producers.

One24 Review: How To Recruit

As with any MLM, you make money by recruiting others into your business. While any business will advertise that “you don’t even have to recruit  to make money!”. I will tell you right now that’s not true.  To make money with One-24, you will need to recruit paying members. The unique “twist” with One24 is that you can just ask people to visit  your site and if they are interested, “You will put them on your waiting list”. What? Anybody can do that, can’t they? The fact is not everyone who joins One-24 will even do that (it’s amazing but true) but I think that more people can do this than can do more conventional MLM recruiting. You can use this recruiting strategy offline with your warm market or online (my personal preference and I share my online marketing strategies with my team members and don’t hold anything back!).

One24 Review: The Bottom Line

I do not believe that One-24 MLM is a scam. By all accounts, Mark Seyforth is a stand-up marketer and business owner. The compensation plan looks potentially very lucrative, and if you can say: “Take A Look At My Website and If You Are Interested, I Will Put You On My Waiting  List”, then you can recruit for this business and make money with One-24. It is really pretty simple, and will work if you can do this consistently and make sure that the people that you recruit can do the same.

I will fully admit that I have not been a fan of the traditional MLM “recruit a massive team” business model but I believe that the One24 compensation plan is unique and offers the masses a greater chance of success. The key is team duplication and marketing consistency, which I teach. And being able to get in on the ground floor is cool too. The flip-side of that is a very high percentage of start-up network marketing companies, particularly those in the ultra competitive nutrition niche, go out of business within a couple of years (just when you’ve finally built a decent sized downline!). I believe that will not be the case here, due to the experience of the management team and the planning that went into deciding to launch the company.

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  • geri bell

    I was a member of one24 but got laid off from my job and could no longer afford the product. I wanted to know how I could purchase the NatraBurst…how much is it now….I do not want to do the business, I just want the product. Please advise.
    Thank You,
    Geri Bell

  • Darren Durham


    Good to know you see the power of One 24. What a awesome business and great opportunity. I love your blog keep up the good work.


  • Hi Fran,

    Yes, One24 is legit. They ship product and pay commissions monthly. One of the reasons that One24 has really taken off is that it’s affordable for the masses. $60 per month auto-ship with no start-up cost is dirt cheap to start a business, which makes it perfect for newbies.

  • Good point, Jim. It is true that people can find available green tickets if they want. An important part of success in network marketing is what team you join and feeling comfortable with your sponsor. Network marketing is still a people business. I really don’t think those sites are doing too much damage. Just my opinion!

  • jim

    One 24 has websites called “rotation sites” where members donate their green tickets to create large pools of green tickets. The problem is as the pool grows, there’s more tickets than new members. There is always green tickets available at these sites which means there is no waiting list. Why would a prospect wait on your 124 website for a ticket to become available in two weeks, when they can go to these sites and join right away. This makes the playing field very uneven. The person who created the rotation site is making all the money since they are at the top of it. Thousands of people are advertising on Craigslist, just to have their prospects find a rotation site that tells them they can join right away. It’s a brilliant scam and I don’t know why 124 hasn’t banned all rotation sites?!

  • Jeremy Barnett

    Hey Bro, I love your blog, I am very excited about one 24 and have been a full time networker for many years, I think these guys definately have something special. I am curious have you seen the marketing system for 124? check it out our members are converting at 30%

    We have a demo that you can go through and see it and how it works… If your serious about duplication in your team you should check this out and let me know what your thoughts are. Any feedback from a marketer like yourself would be appreciated



  • One24 Mlm

    I just signed up for one24 and I’m happy with how it works so far. I’m just waiting to see how my first check turns out to be. I think once more people know about this mlm program it’s going to probably start picking up a lot more traffic than it is right now.
    One24 Mlm´s last blog post ..One24 Gold Rush Explained In-Depth

  • Hi Bonnie – Your url is working fine. As for building a network marketing business or MLM, you get paid by building your own team. There are many strategies that you can use and that I teach. How are you marketing your stun-gun website? Put yourself on my waiting list so I’ll be able to get you onto the team if you decide you’re interested.


  • Bonnie

    I am home bound and don’t know many people to be able to add to a team. I do have a web site. How would I add people to this program? Right now, I can only think of 2 or 3 people who might be interested.

    I notice an error below this comment that the feed to my web cannot be found. I haven’t had this problem before. During my marketing phase, I have posted several comments & left my site URL in the reply.

  • Hey Derek – thanks for stopping by! Glad you’re excited by One24. It’s a tremendous opportunity for everyone. Keep up the great work!


  • Derek

    We joined One24 and just got our first check. Even if there was no money, we would still buy the product as it is very good. If you are looking to bypass a waiting list contact me. I am involved with a group concept and can probably get you in much faster.

    Great info here Steve!

  • I think it takes a while to get a patent. It’s not an issue either way. The actual formula is secret. I think that patent-pending, which you see on many products who never end up getting a patent, is more of a marketing ploy anyway. It makes something sound “important”. It’s a good product with a very lucrative comp plan associated with the business opportunity. All anyone should worry themselves about is how can they guarantee their retirement in the next 24 months!


  • MissAe

    Why is the patent on this still pending? What if the patent is rejected..? Then what?

  • Bob Carter

    This is a great opportunity!! The fact that we have a very distinguished gentleman running it helps. I have had my income with this opportunity grow each and every month! The people that are looking for a legitimate business should join my team!

    Good Luck!!

  • Hi Tom,

    Yes, I am making money. I’m not getting rich from One24…yet, but I see the potential for sure. Now, as with any MLM, you need to join One24 with the intention of growing your own organization and not just doing the minimum.

  • Tom

    Steve –

    You have been in since inception. You have past success with IM. Bottom Line … have you made money with ONE24?


  • Joseph Blanche

    One 24 is a site where we all gain and for those people looking for something that is good for all of us..check it out. The product speaks loud and do not sit back and wait for this business. I am looking for all who are interested in seeing something that is going places. So lets work together and see this thing grow. Best to all and lets start thinking as a team and build this for all..thanks

  • Hi Dee,

    The fact is, 99% of network marketing businesses are not scams. People call them “scams” because they think that just by joining they’ll come into some magical financial windfall! The truth is, you need to work at any business to earn an income. One24 is legitimate and was founded by a guy who has a very positive and long-term reputation in the industry. – They provide a real product and pay out commissions every month. If you are willing to work the business, One24 is a great one to get involved with! If you have any specific questions for me, please let me know.

  • Dee


    I have seen and looked up so many things, and alot of them are scams…and I am a bit hesitant…Can anyone give me a personal insight into this business?

  • Hi Jillian,

    One24 officially launched on 8/9/10. All mentions of potential earnings are for illustration purposes only. Nobody is making any promises. It’s a business and the more you build your business, the more you’ll make!

  • jillian

    i checked the and this company has only been in business since september 2010, so my question is how does the company know for sure how much people should be making in 2 years?

  • Chantel(required)

    Do you have to have a back account? If so this is very risky, I noticed the word “auto” ship. I do most things with my debit card, will this work?

  • Hi Bruce,

    It may be a little easier to get in through someone who’s not active because they’ll have a green ticket for you immediately. That being said, I think that most active members (myself included) will place you under team members who haven’t yet used their ticket so you can join my team immediately as well. The negative of joining someone who isn’t a very experienced marketer is that you won’t get much help from your sponsor. Something to consider. As for the product, I imagine that there are people just purchasing the product although I do not have any on my team, nor do I promote the product. I only focus on promoting the biz opp and that’s how most marketers are promoting One24.

  • Bruce

    Hi Steve. I’m starting a personal trainer business and searching for the supplement products to recommend. I met someone in this who is new and not very active yet. Would that mean they have a better chance to bring me in… less competition for their green tickets? What is benefit of being under more active person if, from what I got from the video, you share in what everyone does? Also, why is there hardly any content about the product or emphasis on selling it? It is all just about the opportunity. Are the only buyers of the product the PC’s? Thanks.
    Bruce´s last blog post ..Are New Weight Loss Therapies Needed

  • Hey Dean,

    You shouldn’t have to. The more active someone is, the quicker they should be able to get you in because they have team members they can place you under. That’s what i do. I’ll send you an email too.


  • Tina Herz

    THanks a bunch Steve!!
    I found this yestrday while searching for an online business, contacted the gentleman’s Google add and I’m on his list! 🙂 This could be life changing for people..if yu believe! 🙂
    In Christ Alone, Tina Herz
    Tina Herz´s last blog post ..Keep Your Priorities In-Line not ON-line…

  • Don

    Only question I have is if you want to get in, and the person who introduced you is building a waiting list, then it may take YEARS!!! How do you get around that…

  • Hey Ashley – glad you found me! I hope your Dad is joining my team lol! You do have to provide One24 with your Social Security Number so I assume that they are reporting the income to the IRS. Otherwise, it’s the responsibility of the individual. Either way, everything is completely above board!


  • Ashley L.

    Hey Steve,

    Im so glad I found your review of One24 since my father is planing to jump on this money making opportunity…Now I feel better about him joining this company and making some extra money for his future. I have but one question? I am going to assume that taxes are being paid from each PC that recieves an Income from One24? Tax evasion doent look good on anyone…Thanks again

    <3 Ashley from Brooklyn

  • You’re absolutely correct, Jamie, that it doesn’t matter how “great” the business if you don’t know how to market it!


  • Jamie Gaymon


    Great article on this business opportunity. I’m usually leery of startups, I have a low tolerance for that type of risk when selecting a business opportunity. The fact that it has such a solid person behind it should definitely help ease the concerns of those who choose to do it. At the end of the day though, you and I both know they need to learn how to market or the business opportunity doesn’t matter.

    Great post sir!

    Jamie Gaymon´s last blog post ..Bellamora Review-Before You Sign Anything- You Need to READ THIS…

  • Mike, at this point it’s just open to residents of the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. I would anticipate international expansion soon.

  • Dan Dennison

    Sounds really different than anything else out there and i am interested to hear more. thanks

  • Tom

    One-24 can be a very good opportunity. I think I like that product…I am deeply evaluating it now. By the way, is this also available with international prospects?

  • Hi Tom (or Tony?),

    One24 is currently only available to residents of the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. I understand that the company plans international expansion very shortly, with Canada being the first country I believe.

  • Anton

    Knowing that the leader behind is a very credible one, I am taking a good look at this new company. I always like nutritional beverage products…

  • Trent

    Great article!! I am currently on the wait list and can’t wait to dive into this business. I am aslo looking forward to this going not just viral but global!! It will be unreal for sure. Time to start SEO work and branch out to the masses!!

  • Hi Kelly,

    Thank you! I started my education with MLSP and then have kind of branched off from there. I learn from many different sources including other people’s blogs, forums, webinars, etc. It’s a continuous learning process!


  • Justice,

    Thanks for visiting! I do not call One24 a scam. More specifically, I say that I don’t believe it is. And, I don’t think it is. Like I discuss, Mark Seyforth by all accounts appears to be a stand-up business man with no “bad press” that I could find when doing my research. Looks like a solid business opportunity to me!


  • Justice Calo Reign

    The fact that you are using “scam” to drive traffic to your site is a bit counterproductive for the rest of us working to get our friends and loved ones involved with it.. maybe you could think to put “not a scam” on there.. I’d had to have people deterred because they see scam next to it and then stop looking any further.

  • Hi Louis

    With your enthusiasm, I have no doubt that you will succeed! The key to building a team in any MLM company is duplication. You need to teach your team members how to implement the marketing strategies that you are using to build your team so they can build yours.

    Good luck with everything!


  • Louis T

    I totally agree with Mr. Hawk. One 24 is a truly incredible opportunity. With his marketing plan and a bit of time you have a real shot at reaching the $100,000 mark!

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