PopUp Domination Review – Increase Your Opt-In Rate By Almost 40%!!

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Does Pop-Up Domination really work like the marketing material and video says? Well, you are about to find out!

How often does the sales pitch actually produce the results promised?  Hardly ever, right? Well, I haven’t exactly increased my lead capture rate by 304% yet either, but the results have nonetheless been AMAZING and have me ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommending  that you at least take a look at the simple PopUp Domination WordPress Plug-in.

SHORT STORY: My blog generates a good and consistent flow of leads for me of targeted traffic but I could not figure out  how to increase my “opt-in rate” without having to work even more than I already do! So, I checked out a simple WordPress plugin that I’ve seen recommended that claimed to increase your opt-in rate by 304% without the need to increase your traffic. I was intrigued, sold, and purchased and installed the plug-in.


The plug-in is very simple to install. You just need to upload it to your WordPress site from your computer right from your dashboard and clicking Plug-Ins/Add New. To configure it is very simple too. You get 4 extremely professional looking pop-up templates that allow you to input your text and url re-direct.  Preview it to make sure it looks “pretty” and then activate it. You’re done!
The key here is the professional  templates.  There are FREE pop-up plug-ins you can install that just look cheezy and will be a turn-off to your visitors in my opinion. If you are a professional, it’s important to look professional in my opinion.

But did it work, Steve?

MY REAL-TIME RESULTS: From 9/18 at 3:00 PM EST To 9/22 at 1:45 PM EST just my blog has generated 67 network marketing leads for me (even while spending 27 hours off-line at the hospital…long story!). Of those 67 leads, 19 came from this simple plug-in! That’s a 39.6% increase without any increase in traffic! That’s ridiculous!

I do not know the developer, Michael Dunlap, but I do know that he’s releasing a new version next week (it’s a free upgrade to existing members). If you use your blog or website as part of your overall or primary online marketing strategy, then Pop-Up Domination is well worth the price of admission. I’m a fan.

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7 thoughts on “PopUp Domination Review – Increase Your Opt-In Rate By Almost 40%!!

  1. Hey Steve! I totally agree with you on this. I too have been using Popup Domination for several days now and it has definitely increased my subscription rate. I actually made a video review of Popup Domination showing how I set it up.

    Thanks for Sharing. 🙂
    Freddy Rodriguez´s last blog post ..Popup Domination WordPress Plugin – Is it Worth It

  2. I honestly can’t believe my initial results, Greg! Very professional looking and unobtrusive, which is key. Highly recommended!

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