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  • henton

    hey if you could give me a call 248-991-4732 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              248-991-4732      end_of_the_skype_highlighting i just have a few question i don’t want take up a lot of your time please

  • You are absolutely correct, Kevin! Insurance is one of those necessary evils. You hate to pay for it but know that you need it. Thanks for the visit.


  • kevin robinson

    Most people feel they will never need any legal advice….
    …until they NEED legal advice…
    you got a speeding ticket…you got ripped off by a car lot…you got into a car accident and are being sued…etc.
    …then you’d probably wish you had legal advice available to you…
    Like MOST insurance products…
    …it’s better to HAVE IT and not need it…
    than TO NEED IT and NOT HAVE IT !!!
    kevin robinson´s last blog post ..INTERNET MULTI LEVEL MARKETING BASICS… John Alexander Reveals His Secret …” You Tube Strategies “…

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