Everyday Prospecting For Your Network Marketing Business!

Never a day goes by that I am not on a network marketing prospecting mission. I know that I need to bring leads to my business everyday if I expect my business to continue growing. Do you treat your business this way?

I’m not saying that you need to generate 100 leads everyday. I’m just saying that you need to set your business up so that, even when you are on vacation, you can generate network marketing leads.

I speak with many people daily who ask me what they should do to generate leads for their business. There are many different strategies that you can use, and they all work. These strategies include article marketing, video marketing, social media, pay per click, banners, and email advertising. It is important that you select 1 or 2 strategies and try to master them.

Implementation is the key. Don’t try to become an expert before you start marketing, because no matter how much you learn before hand much of what ultimately works for you will be based on trial and error. Constant tweaking to improve your results. I see most people fail because they fail to implement. Or, at least, they fail to implement consistently.

I had a conversation with a team member recently who asked me for help with their marketing efforts. Solo ads produce results immediately and are very cost effective. Free in some cases. So I  told that team member to send a solo ad – I told them where to sign up for free and gave them a promo code for some solo ads. A week later I asked them how it went. They hadn’t sent the email yet! No Action = No Results!

I’m probably dating myself but there’s an old saying…”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

Take action today and see what happens. Then, take action again tomorrow. Before you know it, you will be generating prospects for your network marketing business everyday and be thinking about quitting your job and living the home based business lifestyle!

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