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Prosperity Nexus Group Success Map

Our Simple 5-Step Success Formula

Engage Your Vision: What is your vision of YOUR future? Can you see yourself and your family being there? Seeing tomorrow today and establishing a plan to get there is part of the “visioneering” process. Three key questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Where am I today?

  2. Where do I want to be a year from now and beyond?

  3. How am I going to get there?

Wherever you are today, your new business can and will get you to where you want to be if you establish a plan and engage the actions to accomplishroadmap the plan. The PNG Success Connection Roadmap is designed to establish a foundation for your success and will help you accomplish your vision. Our 90 Day Success Map is designed to establish direction for you to generate $100K-$120K, or more, in income your first year.


Engage Your Campaigns: Getting prospects to your website or our LIVE weekly webinar is the focus of Step 2 using marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns marketing_targetinclude: Online Classifieds, Solo Ads, Social Media, Warm Market, Pay Per Click and other “what’s working now” options. We will help you select the type and frequency of campaigns to help you reach the goals you establish to accomplish the vision you define in Step 1. Being persistent and consistent with your campaigns while adjusting them as necessary to accomplish your goals will drive leads to your sales funnel so you can engage prospects in Step 3.

Engage Your Prospects: In this Step you will interview the prospects who leave a voicemail message for you or schedule an appointment with you to get more information AND then send woman-talking-on-cell-phonethem to your website. This Step is critical to your success.  The more people you speak with and build rapport with – the better opportunity you have to meet and exceed your goals.

Engage Your Team: In this Step you will engage your teaTeamworkm via 3-way calls, usually your sponsor or a Senior Partner, with prospects after confirmed website visits. Through this process prospects will see a demonstration of the team that you are a part of and the assistance that will be available to them when they choose to join.

Engage Follow-up: In this Step, constant planned contact with your prospects (this includes email autoresponders, live team calls, follow-up calls) will be engaged until sales are made or lost. Each person you talk with in Step 2 will be in your sales pipeline. While many you visit with on any given day may not be interested in joining you in business immediately, they may join you eventually — if you keep in contact with them. Try to remember that life’s circumstances do change and a day may come when anyone you talk to today could become a new member for you!

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