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Prosperity Nexus TeamIt’s been 5 years since I’ve been working from home full-time and have had to leave my house to go to a “job”! I’ll admit that it hasn’t always been easy and there have certainly been some bumps in the road BUT I’ve learned a tremendous amount which enabled me to launch the Prosperity Nexus Team with my business partner, Michael Wright. I’m extremely proud of our Prosperity Nexus Team and want to give you some background and an explanation of exactly what we’re up to!

First of all, the background. If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve bee up to since 2009, you know that I’ve been involved in my share of business opportunities and affiliate programs. More than I’d care to admit to be honest but it’s all part of the learning process! I was able to have success in many of the ventures but not the type of success I was looking for and the frustration of BIG numbers and SMALL commissions that makes up network marketing was wearing on me.

In August of 2013 I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my business. Where was the majority of my income coming from because I had gotten spread too thin. The answer was Millionaire Marketing Machine so I made the decision to stop promoting everything else and to just focus on building my Millionaire Marketing Machine business. I liked the business model the best because of the high ticket nature and the fact that only a few sales a month could create a significant income. Coming out of the mortgage business, this is what I was used to.

I formed a small Mastermind Team that has evolved into my very solid business partnership with Michael Wright. We started meeting once a week and masterminding ideas to build this business. We got involved with 2 different teams prior to starting our own and learned a ton from both.

The Prosperity Nexus Team Launch

We decided to launch the Prosperity Nexus Team in March 2014. The biggest reason was we had a vision of how we wanted to build a team. One of the biggest things missing in the home business industry is REAL coaching, training and support. Sure, you can purchase some great training products and hop on webinars until you’re blue in the face BUT having access to top earners and getting true “in the trenches” coaching is virtually unheard of. That’s what we provide.

I learned a long time ago that in order to set people up for success, you need to be able to provide marketing strategies that are simple to do and do NOT require complex internet marketing because most people will not do it nor do they want to. They just want to be shown how to simply find prospects who are interested in their business. Trust me, blogging is great but you may not see ANY results for 4 months of posting 5 articles per week. That is what I did when I first got started but I’m stubborn and would not give up and most people who are already working full-time jobs simply don’t want to spend hours and hours blogging or learning complicated strategies.

Our Prosperity Nexus Team members get access to our Skype mastermind room which allows them to interact with other like minded individuals. The POWER of the MASTERMIND cannot be overstated in my opinion. They also get access to our Members Only training site, Live calls 4 times per week and a high converting website marketing system. And maybe most importantly, 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring not only from me but from other top earners in the business.

I wanted  a team that could cut through the hype and not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”. That is exactly what we’ve put together and where we are headed. PNT is something I’m extremely proud of and is designed to help more members than any other high ticket business achieve the 6 figure Lifestyle that most in this industry are looking for!

To Take a Look at the Prosperity Nexus Opportunity…

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