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Prosperity Nexus Team UPDATED Review – Make Money Online or Scam?

Prosperity Nexus TeamI co-founded the Prosperity Nexus Team over 3 years ago and since that time we’ve become the #1 marketing and support team in the Top Tier niche of the online home business industry. A LOT has happened over the past 3 years so I thought I’d bring you up to date.

You see, one of the things I’ve found in my years working online is that having a team and community is VITAL to most people’s success. Some people can flourish working in a vacuum by themselves but most can’t. Most people don’t want to put together sales funnels, hold webinars, team meetings, 1-on-1 coaching sessions and the list goes on. We run our team like a traditional sales organization and that’s why we have such a high success rate.

Prosperity Nexus Team Review

I’m happy to say that we’ve evolved tremendously since the early days like any successful business does. We’ve improved our sales funnels, conversions, presentations, products, training site, and websites. We’ll continue to do so also especially since that’s one of my personal passions.

Lead Generation
We love the Top Tier digital information niche BECAUSE of the BIG COMMISSIONS and simplicity of the sales process. You don’t have to hound your friends and family since we’ve put together some awesome “done for you” advertising plans that people can just plug into to generate leads. One of the biggest reasons for failure online is lack of consistent lead generation. We’ve addressed that issue.

We have the best digital info products in the industry. Did you know that the online eLearning industry has exploded into a $100 Billion industry? Our product packages contain courses in the 3 most popular categories on the internet – Personal Development, Business/Marketing, Health & Wellness. What makes our business work is the fact that we get the Reseller License when we purchase a product package that gives us the legal right to resell the products and earn commissions. Just like eBay or Amazon but with much less work and cost.

Why Market Digital Information?
Marketing digital information is where the big money is online. Scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll see all the ads from top marketers selling digital information. The reasons really are pretty simple… High Profit Margins, No Inventory or Shipping Required, No On-Going Manufacturing Costs, Huge Target Market. When you’re in business the higher the profit margins the better and we have the highest in the industry!

The Prosperity Nexus Team Sales Funnel
When marketing ANYTHING you must have a sales funnel. We’ve created what we believe to be the best in the industry. As a member of our team, you’ll receive your own website, follow-up system, webinar invitation page to invite your prospects to our LIVE webinars. You can certainly create your own sales funnel but, trust me from experience if it takes a LOT of work and money!

Realistic Income Potential
We have 5 commission levels – $2,000/$3,500/$6,500/$12,500/$22,000. Your commissions are capped by the product package you own. 80% of our members join at either $3,500 or $6,500 so for example if you own the $6,500 package and sell a $22,000 membership you will earn $6,500 and the $15,500 will roll up to someone like me who owns the $22,000 product package and reseller license.

We like to keep our income projections simple and realistic and explain them in our webinar but JUST 2 sales a month at $6,500 will make you $156,000 a year. Try to find that anywhere else online! It’s the combination of BIG commissions and low sales volume that makes our business model work. Just a couple of sales a month can produce life-changing “fire your boss” money!

Is Prosperity Nexus Team a Scam?

It’s funny but “scam” is one of those terms that people search for a lot so I have to put it in my post. Very few people say that eBay is a scam or that the Amazon reseller program a scam. Maybe that’s because they make far less in commission percentage than we do? I’m not really sure. Personally, I’d rather earn the 100% commission (after the company receives their admin fee) that we get over the 30-40% commission that more traditional resellers get. I don’t know about you!

A common misconception is that Prosperity Nexus is a scam because we’ve put a system in place to find entrepreneurs looking to make more money instead of just purely selling products. Is the franchise brokering industry a scam? Franchise brokers sell franchises to people looking to make money. That’s exactly what we do.

Prosperity Nexus Team Review Summary

To conclude, we are very excited with the direction of our business and team. 2017 and beyond looks very bright for all of our current and future members. Our mission is to have everyone on the team making $10,000+ per month. If this sounds interesting to you, you should hop on our next webinar to get all the facts!

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2 thoughts on “Prosperity Nexus Team UPDATED Review – Make Money Online or Scam?

  1. Hi Becca,

    Prosperity Nexus is a marketing team I co-founded 3.5 years ago to provide systems and support to allow not only myself but all of our team members to have success marketing the opportunity. The business we market is TiDom and is “real” and “legit”. I encourage you to watch our webinar and then contact me directly at either contactstevehawk@gmail.com or (845) 612-9620 and I’m happy to answer your questions.

  2. I’m thinking about joining Prosperity Nexus but I’m nervous investing the money. I’ve been brunt out from other work at home business. Is this really legit company?

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