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If you missed last week’s MLSP webinar (GO HERE to Register for the Next Webinar) you really missed a block-buster. Top industry earner Ray Higdon was the guest speaker and the value that he provided was top-notch. While the overall webinar was how to use Twitter “EFFECTIVELY” to generate leads and sign-ups into YOUR MLM, today I’m going to focus on Ray’s recommended “Daily Plan of Attack”.

First of all, if you don’t already have a Twitter account…GET ONE! While Facebook is the #1 Social Media site on the net, Twitter should be considered #2 (or at least tied with Youtube for #2). If you plan to be effective marketing online, you need to have a Twitter account (with followers!). I’ve already written a post on how to build up your Twitter following HERE so you will want to check that out if you are just getting started.

ray-higdonWhat I want to talk to you about today, though, is Ray Higdon’s Daily Plan of Attack that he states will “guarantee” that you will make money and build your own successful network marketing business if you just follow this simple strategy every day (including Saturday and Sunday…remember that you are in your own business!). Consistency in your business is ultra-important! So, here it is…

1. Read, Comment & ReTweet 10 MLM or Marketing Blogs Per Day (preferably blogs that get traffic). Remember, when you comment, make sure that you include a link back to your blog for back-links.

2. Search Out and Follow 20 MLM Leaders On Twitter Everyday. The idea here, besides being able to build a relationship with these leaders is other MLM’ers tend to see who is following the Leaders and follow those people (this is another fast strategy to build a targeted Twitter following for yourself).

3. Get 2-5 people to tell you NO to your opportunity (then sell them on the merits of MLSP, if you are a member). This way, you can monetize the people who tell you “NO” to your business opportunity.

4. Create 1 Piece of Content Per Day (Blog, Article, Video, etc.) and syndicate that content with a service such as Ping.FM or Posterous.

This daily plan of attack shouldn’t take you more than an hour per day, probably less once it becomes habit, and will provide you with a blueprint that you can follow every day. All of us, myself included, get bogged down sometimes with information or become scattered in our daily business activities. Having a plan with an end-goal in mind is key.

If you want to check out Ray Higdon’s blog, you can CLICK HERE.

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  • Nathan Watson

    Hey Steve, great summary, just got through watching the recorded webinar. I know I need a daily plan of attack for my business because I can become a real space cadet and not accomplish anything. Thanks for the value. Talk soon.

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