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organo-gold-reviewI just heard that this company, in their first full year of marketing their business, had 31 distributors make over $100K in their first year. This is very unusual for any network marketing company so I felt the need to investigate and provide you with a “real” Organo Gold Review. I am not a distributor for this company – I just like to know as much as I can about the industry!

Organo Gold Review – Company Overview

The founder and CEO of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua – a legend in the direct sales industry in the Pacific Rim. He actually built a downline of over 500,000 people in 1 network marketing business! I checked out the corporate site and he’s surrounded himself with experienced people. From everything I can tell, the company’s management puts them in good position to succeed.

Organo Gold Review – The Mystical “Ganoderma”

The primary ingredient in all of Organo Gold’s products is Ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient Chinese “National Treasure” according to the website. The Ganoderma is a mushroom, with healing qualities according to the Chinese. These mushrooms find their way into Organo Gold’s Coffee,  Tea and Chocolate products as well as it’s Neutreacuticals.


The Organo Gold Opportunity

You can start your Organo Gold business at 3 different entry levels:

1. Bronze $199 ($20 Fast Start Bonus)

2. Silver $499 ($80 Fast Start Bonus)

3. Gold $1,295 ($150 Fast Start Bonus)

Basically, the Organo Gold Compensation Plan is a Binary with a Unilevel Component Plus the opportunity to earn from Retail Sales. You can take a look at the complete compensation plan at the corporate website HERE.

Organo Gold Review Summary

Now, an advantage that Organo Gold has over other network marketing companies is that they have a product that can legitimately be sold on it’s own. Granted, it’s more expensive than typical coffee and tea but if you believe that the Ganoderma will provide the health benefits that the company claims, then it’s well worth the cost.

I did not see any great marketing plan when I reviewed the website. Don’t fall for the old…just share a cup of coffee with someone and let the product sell itself! While that strategy will make you some sales, it will NOT grow you a massive network marketing organization. To make the 5 & 6 Figure monthly incomes you’ve been reading about, you are going to have to market your business like a professional. To help, I’ve prepared an Online Marketing Blueprint for you…


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  • JIll

    I have been an Organo Gold coffee distributor for 9 months and I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting some amazing people, such as #1 earner in the world of the entire industry of network marketing, Holton Buggs. My experience with Organo Gold has been all very positive AND profitable.
    I realize MLM/Network Marketing is not for everyone but for those that have tried something else or are currently involved with another company let me share that Organo Gold is a much faster vehicle than anything else. And if you are currently a distributor of another home based business model COFFEE is a natural addition to your business. Everyone around the world drinks coffee, we meet people over coffee all the time and some of the best things happen over coffee so why not carry it with you, share it with others and get paid
    for doing it?

  • Marcus

    I tried this product for several weeks, and the result was it caused me to be admitted in the hospital for not one but more TWO almost failed Kidneys, but I also thank Organo Gold because the Doctors at the hospital were able to find out other matter that was wrong with me. However the Leading Chief Surgeon at a South New Jersey Said Organo Gold Products is EXTREMLY DANGEROUS, and one should consult with their Physician before trying such a product… -Marcus-

  • Thanks for sharing, Suzanne. I am glad to hear that Organo Gold did refund you, minus the restocking fee/shipping & handling which is normal. Hopefully your experience will help others!


  • I recently joined Organo Gold as a Gold Distributor and I immediately sponsored two more gold Distributors. We invested over $1245 in wholesale products, bought the Starter Kit and Business Cards to the tune of almost $1500. We were committed and excited. The Policy and Procedure Manual states that no product can be sold on the Internet but I in my enthusiasm for the product and opportunity neglected to look for the products on Amazon,Craigslist and eBay. Shame on me!! Much to my horror there were hundreds of people selling Organo Gold for prices far below wholesale. I and my Distributors contacted Support to tell them that we could not succeed with Network Marketing recruiting and selling products that have a retail price which is nearly 5 times more expensive than buying it on the Internet. I asked to be released from my agreement and have my product returned. They apologized and told me that there would be. 10% restocking fee along with shipping and handling of $70. I had not even received the product yet when this happened. They flatly refused to wave those costs for good will. This was an expensive lesson for me and the people I sponsored. I hope this can save others this very negative experience. I really believed in them.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Angela, and for stopping by my blog. I wish you the best in your journey to find a biz opp that better meets your criteria!


  • Angela

    Hello, I just attended a presentation for this Organo last night. 3/16/13.
    I was not at all impressed with any of it. The room was very drab. They were late setting up. The coffee was not to my liking. When I open a package of coffee it needs to have a smell that knocks my socks off. I like good strong coffee that has bite. This was just powder in a pack. Really? It has No smell and the taste was gross. It made me sick to my gut and gave me heartburn.
    Yes, there is the money to be made if that is all you want. Some of us are okay not being rich. I did like the fact that the money can be made even long after you are gone.
    I need to know exactly where my things come from. I wanted to know more about the history of the farms. Instead I was told about the Benz Club!
    All in all I felt like I was back at the old Amway meetings.
    Besides you can get a cup of coffee anywhere.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Robert! It’s tough to promote a business that you can’t get fully behind but glad to hear you like the coffee.

  • Robert Bixler

    A friend gave me some samples of Organo Gold instant coffee. Tried them and like the product although I found it to be on the strong side. Solved that by using only half of a packet with a cup of hot water. Also went in as a distributor at the most basic level (not Bronze) to enjoy the distributor price rather than retail. Ordered more instant coffee and tea recently. Continuing with it for now to see if it would help with issues or not. Not planning to go full bore with this as a business at this time.

  • jackline rivas

    I think organo gold is a pretty good company, it just takes the right people to realize the possible potential within the company. I think too many people are trained in their minds that “oh its too good to be true, so I know it won’t work” idea, ever heard that saying that you can always achieve your goal, as long as you believe you can and show dedication?

  • GanoWhat

    If you really want the benefit of Ganoderma, get a real ganoderma product not a diluted one. Also the quality and the quantity of ganoderma is questionable in Organo. Where can we see a Certificate of Analysis of OrganoGold coffee? Can anyone point me to an official copy?

  • Kenya Wynne

    Mr.Hawk I was referring to the comments on it being any other coffee that’s on the market.And Im happy to say that it’s not.

  • Kenya Wynne

    Hello All, I see everyone making assumptions about Organo Gold Coffee.Instead of thinking it’s just coffee.Why dont you google the herb Ganoderma and make an assumption off that.You believe what your Dr. or someone else is saying instead of doing your own research.God lets us know that our healing is supposed to come from the earth any way.Everyone wants the microwave effect the right now.People perish from a lack of knowledge.That’s why so many people are suffering and dying out here when there illness or disease could have been cured.Wake up and stp conforming to what ever is being said.Get an understanding first and foremost.

  • Jon R. Patrick

    Coffee MLM’s are the best! Largely recession proof product, worldwide recognition, high demand, easy to share and stupid good compensation!
    That being said, I tried OG (and others) and I was disappointed. Felt like a strong taste of ‘something’ (the Gano?) with a poor coffee back.
    I know others love it and the health benefits – just wasn’t my “cup of tea” (and I’m a heavy coffee drinker).
    Jon R. Patrick´s last blog post ..New Holiday Javita Coffee Recipe!

  • STL

    Tried the coffee. It was a waste of money. I am not one who enjoys instant coffee to begin with. I am spoiled and love my mail order gourmet coffee. Organo gold was no different from Folgers or Maxwell House, as a matter of fact, it reminded me a lot of Sanka

  • Hi Brian – thanks for stopping by. I believe you are correct that coffee or energy drinks just provide a temporary “high” (as I sit here drinking my Maxwell House :)). Feel free to post a link back to your blog (if you have one) but thanks for not posting an affiliate link!


  • Brian

    Hi Steve, great blog. I enjoyed reading your website. To my understanding and knowledge, energy drinks, just like coffee give you a high, then you get a low. As when coffee is breaken down in your system, it sends messages to your neurons that causes the instant bursts of energy, focus or mental clarity, but again its temporary. I would focus on something more fundamental to the human, must seek something that goes down to the cellular level which is what creates humans, plant life & animals. I know there is just 1 product in the world that does that and our body has it. I prefer not to say as I do not blast in blogs. But just ask me.

    Cheers, will continue reading your blog


  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks for sharing. I’m not involved with Organo either so I can’t really speak for any issues they might have now.


  • Thanks for the info Steve.

    A few months back I tried the Organo Gold products and although they tasted half decent, I will be honest in telling you that Gano Excel’s products that also contain the Ganoderma Lucidum were much smoother, richer and full body tasting. As far as I know the Organo products are manufactured in China where there are typically quality control issues. Maybe this has changed in recent months and maybe I just got a bad batch of Organo, which is possible.

    My one concern though with Organo Gold revolves around this lawsuit between Jay Noland and the company’s owners. In his calls posted online he brings up some serious integrity issues. I’m not involved with the company, so I just heard some of the rumblings from the sidelines, but he seems like a pretty straight shooter and I can’t imagine him posting those calls if there wasn’t some merit to what he is claiming.

  • Paul Dantzler

    YES coffee can be bought any where and so can tea… But I challenge anyone to compare 1cup of Star Bucks to 1cup of Organo Gold….

    I love starbucks…but HAs Star Bucks ever sold you a cup of coffe with any potential health promoting properties?

    Regular Coffe has no nutritional value at all
    what is does have is
    -Sugar! (Peak insuline levels)
    -Caffine (addictive false sense of energy)
    -and more sugar

    Buy your favorite green tea mix from walmart

    I am also a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

    Now I challenge you to check out the Ganoderma Mushroom…. Than look at the nrition properties of Organogold…

    Feel free to write me
    and yes I did become a distributor….but the facts speak for the product

    take care

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  • Hey April – you’re right…coffee can be bought anywhere! Once again, it comes down to how you market the business op that will determine if you make money with this or any biz op. As long as the product is decent and the payplan is fair.


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