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“The following are some key network marketing ad sites & business tools that I am personally using to create success in my own home-based business and highly recommend:”

Lead Net Pro

The premier lead generation system available today. Features include the BEST lead scraper available today, a capture page creation system so you can create your own lead capture pages, a webinar on demand platform, voice broadcaster and more! Never buy another lead again!



The top bulk emailer on the market. If you plan to do any bulk email campaigns (with your LeadNetPro leads) then you must use a bulk emailer and not your personal email. This one works the best! I personally use the V2 version.


My Lead System Pro

A paid education/training community for serious network marketing entrepreneurs looking to learn the skills to work from home full-time. Most of the top marketers in the industry are members.



If you’re a blogger or trying to rank your content in the search engines, then you know the importance of back links. This is the BEST back linking site that I’ve found and it sells for less than the competition.


Media Buy/Banner Advertising Sites

These sites will perform best with low-cost affiliate offers or biz ops. Only advertise a lead capture page.


Solo Ad Sites (Targeted Email Advertising)

Some solo ad vendors will only advertise free offers. Do your research to find the ones who will accept your offer. Only advertise a lead capture page.


Safelists (Targeted Email Marketing)

Similar To Solo Ad Marketing. Send your email ad to other network marketers.


Advertising/Traffic Packages

Complete “Done For You” Ad Packages. Some will create your ad for you.


IBO Toolbox

Free “social media” site for network & online marketers. In addition to making connections & building relationships with other like-minded people, they offer banner advertising, press releases & other features to help you build your business.


  • I look forward to working with you, Charles! Sorry for the late response to the comment but I know you’ve already signed up for MLSP.

  • Great information. I have been following your content and would like to join MLSP. What I have been looking for is a real coach to guide me through the process. I need someone to take me by the hand and truly guide me almost every step of the way, or at least explain in laymen terms how this works. I don’t have a fortune to invest in a ton of advertising either. How will Steve Hawk be different than all the other so called guru’s out there?
    Thank you in advance for any input.

    Charles H.

  • Hi Ron,

    While I’ve never personally used UAW, I’ve heard from other marketers that ezArticleLink is both BETTER & LESS EXPENSIVE. A good combination!


  • Ron

    Hi Steve.

    I was ready to buy Unique Article Wizard until I saw your recommendation of EZ Article Link. EAL is less expensive but does it do the same thing or more in your opinion?



  • Hi Jameen – I’m not clear on your question. You want a toll free number with text? No, that is not part of the package. Personally, I recommend using your real phone number anyway! If that wasn’t your question, please clarify. Thanks!

  • Jameen Walker

    I want to join the primo Vacations as and Affiliate and pay the $39.95 but my question is this if i sign up will i get a toll number with a ext?

  • Jonathan

    This blog is awesome, and you know what it takes, infinite leads and the strategic follow up… very inspiring.

  • Hi Marlene,

    It’s marketing! But, I’ll tell you truthfully that this comp plan is very lucrative for those who actually work the business and bring other people in (ie. network marketing!). The money goes into your account with AXT and can be withdrawn by you daily into your AlertPay account. I hope that helps!


  • Marlene Botha

    Hi Steve,

    Me again, well I joined Auto X Ten, what is the next step? Payment of the $10 dollars, of course! By the way what is “your back office”

    VERY exited !


  • Marlene Botha

    Hi Steve

    Just watched the Auto X Ten presentation video, it sure sounds too good to b e true, but when I join and pay the $10, where does the money you earn go to? Or am I asking a silly question? Banking details?



  • Marlene Botha

    Hi Steve

    I am so exited that I ‘discovered’ you with your training.
    The guy I fall under with Herbalife just burt my bubble, says to me remember the internet is not majic and in RSA (south africa) local business ‘work’ better.
    Its not just the blog, that I will use u, but the rest is also Greek to me. I am 62 and want to get something going for my sons.
    They are 26 and 20. Im divorced, father rich but does not share with his children. I am also interested in One24. IF I am dedicated I WILL make a good income, wont I?


  • Marlene Botha

    Hi Steve,

    Have now watched up to Day 4 of your 7-day Bootcamp.
    I must say it is a bit overwelming, would you suggest I get the help of an IT programmer to assist me?



  • Hi Marlene,

    South Africa is a big network marketing country, as far as I know! You should do great. I don’t know about HerbaLife specifically but MLM and network marketing in general for sure. Good luck with everything!


  • Marlene Botha

    Hi Steve,

    Fantastic information you are offering people.
    “Don’t give people fish, teach them to fish”

    Can I also be successful living in South Africa?
    I joined Herbal Life, do you think I should proceed with it?

    I will appreciate your feedback, please email me.


  • Hi Jack,

    Yes. It contains some different ideas for driving traffic. Many contain ideas for improving your blog traffic. For $39 one-time it’s worth the investment in my opinion. I think there’s about 8 hours of content. The girl who created the product also goes through exactly how she created the product and did her launch. Very interesting.


  • Jack O'Ryan

    I have MLSP.. Does Traffic Dashboard have something that will help me that MLSP doesn’t?
    Thanks Steve.

  • Hello world!

    […] It’s a very cost effective way to get A LOT of relatively targeted names and numbers to market to. You will also get back some junk in your search that you’ll need to purge. This is purely a numbers game. You’re playing the mass-marketing game when using a lead scraper. The trade-off is it’s cheap. You can buy a scraper for under $100 and own it for life. You can check out the one I use HERE. […]

  • Hey Justin – I agree that One24 offers network marketers a terrific & inexpensive opportunity. I’m certainly glad I got involved. To answer your question, Attraction Marketing definitely can be applied very successfully to affiliate marketing. Personally, I’m not a huge affiliate marketer but I do make affiliate income monthly thanks to the way I’ve set up my business.

  • Justin Clark

    I’m in One24 as well and am loving the ideas on this blog to apply to my business. I’ve heard Mike Dillard’s name quite a bit and so am curious what he’s got going on. Do any of you take these lead gen ideas and apply them to affiliate programs? Any success? Anyone doing a good mlm? My blog is and it’s about what I see in One24’s business opportunity and also a bit about my background as I have been full time in affiliate marketing for over 5 years.
    Justin Clark´s last blog post ..Mark Seyforth’s One24 Video that Started It All!

  • Lois

    Hi Steve,
    After a course this weekend I will be ready to start my own business. If I go with MLSP do I really need any of the above listed tools? If so, which ones would you recommend I start with?

    Right now it feels like information overload with too many options, too many emails promoting too many options that sound very similar.
    Pleeeeeaaaaase point me in the right direction!!!

    Appreciate any help you can offer:)


  • Hi Mark,

    Too bad you didn’t join my team! Anyway, I think One24 is a terrific business opportunity for the masses and I wish you the best. Personally, my traffic generating system of choice is My Lead System Pro. You can take a look at it HERE

  • Mark Pappas

    I just joined One24 and have to admit that their marketing system is like no other. I would like to power One24 with some type of lead or traffic generating system. Any ideas?

  • Dee

    Hi Steve,

    I’m in David Wood’s line for mlsp 🙂
    I’ve got a question for you – I’ve been with Amway for the last year or so and found MLSP last week. Amway has rules against just about every method of marketing your business. It seems they only want us to cold canvas style.
    I live in Australia and a lot of the MLM companies today dont offer plans for me. I’m desperately searching for a good MLM company that I can market using the MLSP system.
    Can you please email me with some companies you recommend? It would be a great help!
    Thanks for your time

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