Unabashed Review Of The Resorts 360 Business Opportunity

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Is Resorts 360 deserving of all the hype?

I’ve noticed that the majority of reviews of the Resorts 360 network marketing opportunity are written by people who are selling the program. I am not involved, nor have I ever been involved in this business. For this reason, I wanted to write an honest, unbiased Resorts 360 Review that you could rely on if you researching joining this business.

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First of all, Resorts 360 is a business that resides in the Discount Travel niche of the home based business arena. This is a good thing, in my opinion, as this niche offers tremendous growth, income potential, and an appealing product. Network marketing companies in the discount travel niche also stand a much better chance of long-term survival than those in other niches (i.e. nutrition, coins, etc.).

The company has been around for over 1 year and definitely does not appear to be a scam. The product is a discount travel club membership, similar to Primo Vacations and Global Resorts Network, that is a legitimate product that has world-wide appeal.

How Much Does Resorts360 Cost and How Much Can I Make?

Resorts360 is not cheap! There are 3 ways that you “buy in” to start your business:

1. VIP (Lifetime): $3,995 One-Time Payment – You will earn $2,000 for every sale you make ($1,000 for your first 2 sales)

2. 5 Year Membership: $1,995 Every 5 Years – You will earn $1,000 for every sale you make ($500 for your first 2 sales)

3. Annual Membership: $498 Every Year – You will earn $200 for every sale you make ($100 for your first 2 sales)

There is also a residual income component as part of the Resorts360 Compensation Plan but the majority of your income will come from your own sales as is the case with any network marketing business.

For a less expensive, yet equally lucrative business opportunity…CLICK HERE.

Can I Make Money With Resorts 360?

You can make money with Resorts 360, that’s a given as there are people already doing so. Will you make money with Resorts 360? That’s another question. It all comes down to how you market Resorts 360. You could have the best opportunity in the world, but if you don’t know how to market it properly, you will have little success. On the other hand, if you have an average opportunity but are a great marketer you will have success.

What you need to do, is figure out how you are going to market your opportunity, whether it be Resorts 360 or some other company. Will you market with the traditional methods (warm market, cold calling etc)? Or will you use newer, more cutting edge online methods such as using Social Networking Sites, Video Marketing, PPC etc. Just as importantly, you need to decide who you are going to market to. When you decide which methods that you are going to use, you need to master those marketing strategies and continue to stay up on what’s working now and what isn’t.

For Some Very Specific Information and a Step-By-Step Blueprint That You Can Use To Market Your Resorts 360 Business More Effectively…

Resorts 360 Marketing Success Plan

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