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3 Simple Tips To Generate An Insane Amount of Network Marketing Leads Using Safelists

I use safelist marketing as a main component of my marketing efforts. Primarily, because safelist marketing is extremely cost-effective. But, I don’t use a marketing strategy just because it is cheap…it has to work as well! Safelist marketing does work and I am going to show you today some simple tips to maximize your safelist marketing and improve your results by up to 300% or even more!

Keep in mind that when people sign up for a safelist account, the generally use a “list email” to receive the emails from other members. The reason being is that you can receive 1000s of emails every day depending on how many safelist accounts you have. This “list email” address is a secondary email address specifically used to receive safelist emails. Not everybody looks at the safelist emails they receive but there are enough marketers out there who are either just looking for opportunities and will read the emails or who are clicking on emails to earn credits so that they can send out their own email ads. The key question is “How Do I Get My Email To Stand Out From The Rest”?

1. USE WHITE SPACE: One way to get your emails to stand out from the pack is by the use of “white space”. The eye is naturally drawn to something that is different or unique. Indent your subject line by 5-10 spaces with the space bar to create white space. This will make your subject line actually look like it is beginning towards the middle of most other subject lines, making yours different and helping it to stand out.

2. INTRIGUING SUBJECT LINES: It is imperative to write eye-catching or intriguing subject lines to make sure that enough people open your emails. My most effective subject lines either ask a question or contain an incomplete thought. For example…”I Used To Make $0.00 Also…Until…” I like to make use of the “…” as it’s eye catching as well creates a desire to learn the answer. Test out your own subject lines and stick with the ones that give you the best results.

3. CONSISTENCY: The most important piece of the marketing puzzle, and where many network marketers fail, is consistency. You need to send out your email ads every day. If you do this simple task, you will be more effective than 95% of your competition. Marketing on a safelist is similar to having a small store on a busy 4 lane “main street usa” road with a lot of competition. Every day, those business owners hang signs telling the people that drive by their store every day that they have slashed prices or are having a sale or have the best Pizza in town. Today might not be the right day for you to shop there but if they can keep catching your eye, one day you will stop in. It’s the same with Safelists.

Follow these 3 simple tips and start driving insane amounts of targeted network marketing leads to your site immediately!

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