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If you are getting started on a shoe-string budget and need to build links to your site for SEO purposes parasite hosting is one good way to go. Firstly it’s free (we all like free) and it can be very effective. In this article we’ll cover just what parasite hosting is and how to take advantage of it for your SEO efforts.

Parasite hosting is the fancy name coined for web sites that allow you to build blogs, web pages or even web sites for free. There are literally dozens of these sites out there and some of them have extremely high page rank, as high as 8 or 9. Now that doesn’t mean the blog or page you put up will have that page rank but it will still look good to Google and the rest of the search engines. They consider this as “being in a good neighborhood”.

I have no doubt you already know some of these web sites and just did not know they were considered parasite hosts. Does WordPress or Hubpages ring a bell? You may not have heard of others like Xanga or Wetpaint but they are also high PR sites that you can use to build quality one way back-links to whatever page of your site you wish. Just do a search for free blog or top free blogs and you will find a bunch of them.

Once you have chosen the parasite host (or several, more on that in a minute) you want to use, you’ll need to write an article or post related to your market. Then within that content put one or two anchor text links to your main site. The best SEO benefit will come if you use unique content that is related to your market.

If you’re reading this and have no clue what an anchor text link is don’t freak out. You will have a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to create your free blog with. With this creating anchor text links is a breeze. Pick the text you want for your anchor link and highlight it. Next click on the chain icon on the menu bar. A window will open and you put in the URL you want to link to, simple!

You can really ramp this up and give your web site even more SEO impact by building several of these free blogs into a link wheel. What’s a link wheel you ask? It simply means linking several sites together in a chain, the last site linking to the first. This really increases the link juice you are passing on to your main site. But why stop here? Build a second link wheel that has links going to the first one. Your imagination and creativity are your only limitations.

Another tactic to give even more power to these links is to social bookmark your free blogs. Social bookmarking does not give the SEO benefit it once did but it will still make your back-links pass on more link juice.

You should now have a good understanding of what parasite hosting is. As you have seen there are many ways to take advantage of free blogs and web sites to build links for SEO and increase the rankings of your web site. That only leaves one thing, get out there and start building links!

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