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home business  secretSo, you want to know what the #1 Secret to Making Money with a Home Based Business is? I know some of my colleagues don’t want me to share this information with you, especially for free! Let me first state the obvious and say that there tends to be a lot of “hype” in the home business industry. Business presentations and even successful recruiters will lead you to believe that just by signing up with them into their opportunity, you’ll reach the promised land and it will be easy. In fact, you may not even have to do anything to experience success. Now, logic tells us that this can’t be true but our emotions take over and blind us to that logic.

To give you a little background… I’ve seen it all, or at least most everything, since going full time in this industry in August 2009. I’ve either been exposed to or been involved in many different compensation plans and business models. I’ve been a top earner and recruiter in a number of businesses and affiliate programs as well. Basically, I’ve been around the block and, hopefully, will save you some aggravation and money with the information I’m going to share with you.

Now, there’s a lot that goes into being a successful home business entrepreneur. Things like lead generation, being able to communicate effectively with prospects both via email and over the phone, knowing the business you’re involved with inside and out, advertising consistently, blocking time to work your business if you have another job, remaining focused and enthusiastic even when things are going great. All of those points are essential for success and I’m sure I missed a few!

So, what do I think is the #1 Secret To Home Business Success? (Drum Roll Please…)



It may sound simple but only a small percentage of the people in this industry really have it and it’s what separates the “HAVES” from the “HAVE NOTS”. Believe it or not, when you get involved in a home based business you are making the decision to become an entrepreneur. You are starting a business and your income is going to come ONLY from your efforts. And it’s this mindset change that most people have a hard time with.

Intertwined with “motivation” is VISION, GOALS & DREAMS. You need to have the DRIVE to do whatever it takes to make your vision, goals & dreams become reality. That drive is motivation and it all comes down to YOU!

YOU need to get online when your kids go to bed after you’ve worked a full day. YOU need to pick up the phone and call prospects. YOU need to attend your company’s calls or webinars. YOU need to place ads or buy leads or learn new marketing strategies. YOU need to become the leader that your prospects want you to be (we’ll talk about this in an upcoming article). Nobody but YOU is going to do this for YOU.

If you thought starting a home based business was your key to a financial windfall and you’re disappointed by your results, take a look in the mirror. It probably is not your company. Work on your mindset and figure out what motivates YOU. When you develop that STOP AT NOTHING mentality is when you’ll start to experience the success you desire. I’ve been there and done that! Trust me on this 🙂

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