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createyoureconomyThis unique offer may be exactly what you’ve been looking for…

I’m currently looking to mentor 4 people (and really just 4) in the next 4 weeks to an executive level income and want to extend an invitation to you to join our Mastermind Team. Myself and my team will be providing real 1 on 1 “in the trenches” support which is why I need to limit this number to 4 right now.

If you’ve been following me online since 2009 you know that I believe that Top Tier programs are the only way for 99.9% of home business owners to earn substantial income.

The reason is simple…to earn more than a few hundred bucks a month in MLM or affiliate marketing you need to be able to make a large number of sales every single month (or depend on the work ethic of your unmotivated downline members :)) and that is extremely difficult and only a tiny percentage of people are able to make those business models work for them.

With a Top Tier business, you can earn a solid 5 figure monthly income with as few as 3 sales per month and we pay the entire commission upfront like traditional sales jobs such as insurance, real estate, mortgages, etc.

The nice thing with our team that is different than anything I’ve seen before is that you’ll NEVER have to do any selling. We have systems in place that not only will generate your leads but will also do all the selling and telling for you (I’m not kidding)!

I’ve recently partnered my MMM team with Integrity Mastermind Network. We’re a group of experienced and successful home business entrepreneurs who provide all the support to make sure we can get anyone who joins us, no matter what their background or experience, to a 6 figure income in their first year IF they are willing to plug-in to our proven systems.

If you think you’re ready for a change, go to my website and review ALL of the information. Then, if you’re interested and would like to be considered for our mastermind team, contact me directly and we’ll discuss next steps.


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