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Unbiased Simple Wealth Creators Review By An Industry Pro

simple wealth creators review

I like to keep my fingers on the pulse of the industry and my possible competition for my own professional reasons. This Simple Wealth Creators Review will give you the facts you need to decide if it’s a program you want to invest your hard earned money into or not. I’m not involved with this program at all so everything in this review is completely unbiased. Let me say that I do NOT believe that Simple Wealth Creators is a SCAM.

Simple Wealth Creators Review – Overview

In a nutshell, Simple Wealth Creators is a brand new program in the business opportunity/mid-tier niche of the home business industry. I can’t figure out who the owner is which can be a red flag. You want to make sure that any program you join will have longevity and being able to  research the owner can help determine that because you can see if they have a track record and even contact  them  if you want.

When you pay to get started – and I’ll get to that soon – you receive some training products and websites and will be marketing the business opportunity to other people looking to make money from home. The business opportunity market place is huge with almost 200,000 people each week in the US looking for ways to make money from home with with a home based business. Marketing to this target market, which is what I do, is smart and can be very lucrative if you have a solid offer. I’m not so sure that Simple Wealth Creators is the best offer though.

Simple Wealth  Creators Review – The Start Up Costs & Commissions

There are 3 entry points to start your Simple Wealth Creators business:

  1. Starter Suite: Cost = $597. Pays out $350 Per Sale
  2. Deluxe Suite: Cost = $2,097. Pays out $1,400 Per Sale
  3. Premium Suite: Cost = $3,597. Pays out $2,450 Per Sale

The commission plan is pretty simple and straight forward. There is no 1-Up component (which means no passive income) but on the bright side you can earn commissions right away with the first sale you make. You will earn 70% of each direct sale you make, up to and including the product suite that you own.

The Suite that you purchase will determine the commissions you’re eligible to earn since you must own the product suite that you’re selling. For example, to earn the $2,450 commission for selling a Premium Suite, you must have already purchased that level for $3,597.

Something I don’t like are the relatively small commissions per sale. I’ve been there done that. I know the website says “make 1 sale a day” but that will not happen, even if you’re a superstar! Assume 1-2 sales a month if you consistently buy the advertising and most will join for the $597 level.

Simple Wealth Creators Review – The Hook

I’m calling it the “hook”. This is the primary marketing message of the program that caters to people who want to make money but don’t want to do anything. The reason that you only make 70% commissions is that this program provides a closing service. They’ll close ALL of your sales for you for the 30% cut. You never have to deal with people or try to sell anybody because the “closers” will do this for you! It sounds pretty great, right?

Well, I have to admit it does but programs that offer this (Big Profit System is a recent example but there have been plenty) never seem to last because it’s just not realistic to have a sales force that isn’t doing any work other than ordering postcard or text message campaigns. Why would they pay you 70% commission if ALL you do is pay for marketing but you don’t actually work the business? It doesn’t make sense.

What will happen, and it may not happen right away, is that people who join will realize that postcards are very expensive and don’t generate very good leads so they’ll stop doing that and everyone will do the Text campaigns because they’re cheaper. That strategy will then become oversaturated and the only people who may make any significant money with the program are the leaders who build teams and do YouTube videos.

Simple Wealth Creators Review – Summary

I like the look of the website and I’m sure whoever the owner is has the best intentions. The issue is any program based on recruiting people who DO NOT want to work the business isn’t sustainable. To make money in this industry, you have to have motivation and be willing to learn. You won’t become a superstar overnight but it doesn’t have to take long either. Your best chance for success is to plug into a team that provides everything you need for success AND who will  coach you to help YOU reach your goals and dreams. I put my marketing team together almost 4 years ago.

IF you’re motivated and understand that you’ll need to work to make your dreams come true, take a look at my BIG COMMISSION business by opting in below or contact me directly.



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