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sisel-international-reviewThis unbiased Sisel International Review will provide you with the necessary facts that you need, as a network marketer, to make an educated decision whether or not you should join Sisel or pass.

The Unique Story Behind Sisel International

Sisel was founded by Tom Mower, who has had a remarkable amount of success as a business man and network marketer. He’s been involved in the industry since the 70’s and founded a billion-dollar company called Neways, that is now owned by his ex-wife (sound familiar!). Sisel is currently a $200 million company and it is quite possible that they will also become a billion dollar company in the next few years.

Interestingly, Sisel operates primarily overseas with a strong Asian presence. So, even though the company has been around since 2006 the opportunity domestically appears to be wide-open at the time of this article.

The unique aspect to the Sisel International company is that they own a 400,000 square foot manufacturing plan (located in Utah) where they manufacture all of their own products, in addition to the products for numerous other MLM companies. Did you know that most MLMs do not manufacture their own products?

The advantage of manufacturing your own products is QUALITY and COST control. Really a huge advantage in this industry.

But Steve, Can I Make Money With Sisel?

This is where having their own manufacturing plant really comes into play. Tom Mower makes a lot of money manufacturing products for other network marketing companies. For this reason, he only draws a $5000 per month income from Sisel. For this reason, the commissions that Sisel can payout average about 3-4 times what most MLMs pay their distributors.

On average, you can expect to make about $6 per downline member per month in your traditional MLM. In Sisel, that commission jumps to $16 – $21. This means that you can earn a larger residual income with fewer people on your team. This aspect of Sisel makes it a very attractive option for the serious home business entrepreneur.

If You Don’t Know How To Market Your Sisel Business, You Won’t Make Money. Be Sure To Get Your Sisel International Business Building Plan HERE

To summarize this Sisel Review… the company appears to be very solid, the products appear appear to be very high-quality, and the commission plan is potentially very lucrative. BUT, if you don’t know how to market your Sisel business, you WILL NOT make any money. Plain and simple! It’s important to understand that you are “STARTING A BUSINESS” and you need to start thinking like a business owner! Make sure you have a business plan in place and understand how to effectively generate at least 20 MLM LEADS per day consistently to grow your business. If you do that, I think the income opportunity with Sisel is “the sky’s the limit”!

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  • Juanita Waterman

    Nice to meet you Steve Love your article would like to say congrats on being on first page of google with it. I hope we meet again. Thanks Juantia Waterman

  • Al Rodriguez

    Yolanda, Sisel no se encuentra en Colombia por el momento.

    Aun, en platicas con el dueno se que estaran en Colombia para 2012, pero Mexico primreo. Con gusto usted se puede comunicar conmigo para mas detalles.

    No estoy en Sisel pero tengo mucho conocimiento de esta empresa.

    Alfredo Rodriguez

  • Hi Yolanda,

    I am not involved in Sisel so I am not sure if and when it will be available in Columbia. I’d recommend researching the site or contacting someone who is involved.



    Me interesa conocer más del negocio
    ej. Cuándo se espera llegue a Colombia?
    Qué vale el kit de inicio?



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